Friday rant- I hate people

So, last week I had discovered a heart drawn on the outside of my bedroom window in the dust. It was Monday when I discovered it, and I know it had not been there all weekend. I didn’t think of it too much, because I thought my husband did it or one of the kids or something. Well, later that night, I asked my husband if he did and he said he didn’t. I didn’t believe him until I saw the seriousness in his face. My step son wasn’t here that week, so he couldn’t have done it and after going outside and looking at it, I realized that it was too high up on the window for either of my girls to do it. I then asked everyone who had been at my house recently if they did it and none of them did…. Naturally, it scared the shit out of me. I had stalkers in high school and one of them pops up every now and then still to this day and that was almost 10 years ago…. I was so paranoid that I got camera’s installed in my front and back yards. which leads me into my next rant…..

So I called my internet/cable/security company to order cameras to be installed… I talked to the first guy from the home automation department first and he informed me that he had to switch my account to a different account number because there were two under my address (Makes no sense), so I was like, :Alright, is that going to mess up anything on my account?” He said no. 10 minutes after I got off the phone, my cable stopped working and then my internet…. Long story short, this guy messed up my whole account and I literally had to redo EVERYTHING. I spent over 3 HOURS talking with OVER 6 PEOPLE to get everything fixed. I had to change my internet name twice, reprogram all three of my cable boxes and had to even get the billing fixed because my bill on the new account number was going to be higher than what it actually was suppose to be.

I was not a happy person. How does someone mess something up so badly?! I wasted 3 hours, 4 minutes and 32 seconds of my life talking to a million different people. It was ridiculous. I did however end up getting a pretty good deal on the cameras and for them causing me such an inconvenience, I got the installation of the cameras for free, as well as a credit for one month of the automation.

I still haven’t found out who did the heart. Really creepy. Now we have a light bulb in the back yard that will automatically turn on when the camera detects motion.

2 responses to “Friday rant- I hate people”

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    Yikes – be careful, that is pretty creepy.

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    1. It’s beyond creepy. It made me so uncomfortable and my anxiety go nuts. The cameras have eased it a bit though.


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