50 Stocking stuffers for your teens

40 stocking stuffers for your kids (1)

Here I am with more stocking stuffer ideas. This time it’s for the teenagers who are harder to buy for than toddlers and young kids. This age, their interests change so quick, which makes them sometimes hard to shop for. Here are some things that teenagers will like and actually use!


  1. Blackhead removal kit
  2. Gel pens
  3. Face mask
  4. Lip treatment
  5. Head phones
  6. Wallet
  7. Journal/planner
  8. Make up brushes
  9. Compact mirror
  10. Small makeup bag
  11. Lotion
  12. Hair ties
  13. Body wash
  14. Makeup brushes
  15. Gift card for food
  16. Socks
  17. Sleep mask
  18. Bath bombs
  19. Body spray
  20. Gum
  21. Beanie
  22. Watch
  23. Comb
  24. Portable charger
  25. Lanyard
  26. Grooming kit
  27. Video game store gift cards
  28. Book
  29. SD Memory card
  30. Hand warmers
  31. Headphone splitter
  32. Hand sanitizer
  33. Texting gloves
  34. Tic Tacs
  35. Bluetooth speaker
  36. Movie tickets
  37. Razors
  38. Insta camera
  39. Sticky notes
  40. Toothbrush
  41. Starbucks gift card
  42. Coffee mug
  43. Travel sewing kit
  44. Travel tissues
  45. Hot cocoa, tea or coffee
  46. Pop corn
  47. Candy bar
  48. Chips
  49. Cookies
  50. Gloves


Again, there’s no need to spend that much on stocking stuffers. You can get most of these at the dollar store. So, don’t hurt your wallet by over paying on stocking stuffers. Teenagers are already expensive.

What are some things you like to put in your teenager’s stocking?


34 responses to “50 Stocking stuffers for your teens”

  1. These are great ideas for stocking stuffers for teens. I don’t have a teen but someone does!

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  2. Oh how I love the options when it comes to stocking stuffers. It’s pretty much endless!

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    1. It really is! Like you can put almost anything in them. Stockings were always my favorite when I was a kid!


  3. This is a great list. Every teen would like the things mentioned in this list.


  4. I think stocking stuffers are the hardest part of christmas shopping! I hate it! I always try to pawn it off on my husband.


    1. It definitely is the hardest part! Especially for teens!!!


  5. These are some great Christmas stuffer list for teenagers. We tend to give our girls makeup, gift card and candy. My son the same but instead of makeup we stuff it with a couple of games.

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    1. Those are great ideas!!!


  6. I think I would get my daughter that phone charger. She would definitely appreciate it for the phone she has. And they are so useful when we are out and about.

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    1. Yes! I’m telling you, it comes in handy!


  7. These are all great stocking stuffers! Thanks for giving me some inspiration 🙂

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  8. What an impressive list. I don’t know any teens that wouldn’t find something to love on it.

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