Lip mask review thingy


So, last week, I used “My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch”.
 4.My lips get really dry and cracked and I want those nice smooth lips like you see in those makeup tutorials on Facebook. Well, something that’s actually real and doesn’t look awful. So, I tried this.
I got it at Walmart for like a a dollar or something.
Instructions said to keep on your lips for 20 minutes I believe.
1.It was easy to get out of the package. ( I have issues with packages. Everything seems to be Jessie proofed.)
2. It was very slimy.
3. It wouldn’t stay on lips because it was so slimy.
4.The only way I could get it to stay where it was suppose to was by laying down. Which sucked because, I already couldn’t talk so I was by myself, not talking for 20 minutes. Lol
5. After 20 minutes… I stood up and… it slid off my lips and on to the floor.
6. My lips were so slimy. I did what the instructions said and rubbed it in but it was still slimy. After I wiped some of it off, my lips felt smooth but after an hour, my lips went back to how they were before.
I would rate this product a 2 out of 5, only because I was able to get it out of the package.

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