Look, Jessie can Sew!

So I decided to do a DIY post; I remembered that I can sew so why not.
What I am going to be making is really easy, if you have a sewing machine that is. 
I really don’t suggest hand sewing this. LOL
~Zippered makeup bag~

Super easy and cute. These always come in handy. I use them for the random little stuff that usually end up at the bottom of my purse. 
[I suggest ironing your fabric before you cut them which as you can see, I did not. Too lazy and I had my kid next to me.]
Step one:
-2 different colored fabrics
-5×7 rectangle pattern or any dimensions you choose 
-Zipper the same length as the width of your pattern
-Coordinating thread
-Sewing Machine
Step two:
-Pin the pattern to each fabric and cut 2 pieces of each
Step 3:
-Place outer fabric down, pretty side up
-Place the zipper down, good side down on top of fabric
-Then place the inner piece of fabric, pretty side down on top of the zipper (Kind of like a sandwich)
-Pin the 2  fabrics and zipper together along the the top of the zipper
Step Three:
After you have sewn all four rectangles on the same way, it should look like this.

-Now, Unzip the zipper half way
-Pin the same fabrics together, like this 
-Sew all the way around
Step Four:
-Leaving about this big of an opening at the bottom of the inside fabric
-Flip inside out though the opening
After you’ve flipped it inside out, it should look like this

-Hand sew (Or machine sew) the small opening with thread matching the inside fabric.
-Then tuck the inner fabric inside the bag
Your finished product should look like this. (: 
Notes: I used a stronger, thicker fabric for the inside so the bag would be more sturdy but you can really use any fabric you want.
I also machine sewed the opening with matching thread so you could hardly see it. If I’m not wearing it, I’m not going to hand sew it. LoL

If you are familiar with a sewing machine, this project will take around 15 minutes to complete. (It took me an hour because I have a 7 month old who demanded my attention the majority of the time.)

Hope you enjoyed this. (:

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