Something on my mind lately.

Lately everyone is having or just recently had a baby.
(Must be something in the air)
“I can feel it coming in the air tonight..”
Too much caffeine and not enough sleep for sure.
Okay, back to the main topic here.
I have heard a million different things from a million different people about how to raise a baby, what not to do, whats “best” for the baby, yada yada yada.
Most of what I hear is just that preference of the person telling me.
The one topic I hear about most is about breast feeding.
I think breastfeeding is absolutely the best way to go.
[Fun fact: Did you know that breast milk can change according to what baby needs? for example, when it’s hot, your breast milk will have more water in it to keep your baby hydrated!]
Anyways, Yes breast is best because it is a living substances and can adapt to individual needs of your baby but, some women have a hard time breast feeding, some don’t produce enough or fast enough or even at all sometimes and that’s nothing to be ashamed about.
With breast feeding, mother and baby get that special bonding time when nursing which is great but, what about dad?
Which is why I also think formula is great too. It is the best alternative to breast milk and dad is able to get that special bonding time by feeding baby and not to mention it’s sometimes easier and it’s alright to take the easier route every now and then.
There definitely major pros for both feeding methods.
My daughter is both breast and bottle fed and that’s okay! She is healthy and happy and that is all that matters.
I don’t produce enough fast enough for her so I sometimes supplement with formula. Sometimes she’ll be just fine with only breast feeding and sometimes she needs a little extra. I use to only breast feed until I found out that I don’t produce enough fast enough for her. I would be nursing her all day long. Literally. It got very tiring. It’s okay to need a break. Besides, being as tired and frustrated as I was because she wasn’t getting all that she wanted, isn’t good for her. She could sense my frustration and would become frustrated too. Sometimes I was just too exhausted to pump so Erich would give her a bottle while I slept. Pumping was hard for me. I was never able to pump after nursing her and by the time I was able to pump, she would be hungry again. The few times I actually got to pump and save what I pumped, it took me over an hour to pump 2 oz. So I would have either been nursing all day or pumping all day.
[If I were ever able to pump extra and save, I would love to give it to a mom who wants her baby to have breast milk but can’t breast feed.]
To all the mom’s who strictly breast feed, kudos to you! If I could and not feel like a walking emotionally wrecked zombie, I most certainly would. I don’t think it is okay to make someone else feel uncomfortable or bad about not breast feeding. You have no idea how that person deals with situations. It may be a lot different that how you deal with situations.
To all the mom’s who breast and bottle feed, That’s great. I know how you feel. You are not alone in this and it is okay to give your baby formula as well as breast milk. It’s better to know that your baby is full instead of wondering.
To all the mom’s who strictly bottle feed, You are doing great. If you feel that formula is best for your baby for whatever reason, that’s perfectly alright. Baby is still being fed and getting nutrients that baby needs. Like I said, formula is the next best thing to breast milk.
That being said, I am so over mom’s telling other mom’s how to raise their babies or how they should be fed.
Don’t just assume that because someone chooses to bottle feed instead of breast feeding that they are being selfish to their baby. You have NO idea what they might be dealing with. I have friends that would of loved to breastfeed but just couldn’t.
As long as babies are being fed,
That is all that matters.
 She Likes to hide her face now when she’s nursing. ❤

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