Are you enabling someone?

I don't know how I'm getting these random ideas for blog posts lately, probably because I am quarantined in my house with my own thoughts running wild. Today's topic is enablers. There are many different kind of enablers. What is an enabler you ask? An enabler is someone who is not helping a situation. It's … Continue reading Are you enabling someone?

5 “Bitchy” acts you shouldn’t feel guilty for

Others have probably called you a bitch for having your own opinion and speaking that opinion or for standing up for yourself and doing what's right for you. Don't worry about those people. If being a bitch means you stand up for yourself and have an opinion and are not afraid to speak it, then … Continue reading 5 “Bitchy” acts you shouldn’t feel guilty for

Goodbye 2019

2019 was a pretty hard year... Alright, 2019 sucked ass! I had nothing but hurt, deceit, and sickness the whole fucking year. I was lied to by those close to me. I was cheated on. My anxiety worsened. My depression worsened. Panic attacks all over the damn place. I was played. I was used. I … Continue reading Goodbye 2019

The mommy blogger tag

So I was nominated for this awesome Mommy blogger tag created by Rachel from The coffee Mamma. Thanks girl, for this nomination. Rules: Thank whoever tagged you and link back to their website.Share the rules in your post.Tag Rachel, The Coffee Mamma.Answer the questions.Tag at least 3-5 Mom Bloggers at the end of your post. … Continue reading The mommy blogger tag