Let me tell you bout my mama

I'm not the best at picking out guys, I'll admit. I've gotten hurt by pretty much all of them... I remember what the hurt felt like from everyone of them, but what I didn't realize until I became a mom was that it wasn't just hurting me... My mom was right by my side though … Continue reading Let me tell you bout my mama

Toxic relationships can cause PTSD.

Someone told me once that you can't get PTSD over a toxic relationship. WRONG. Yes you can. Oh boy can you!! I've dated some real ass holes (pretty much 90%of who I dated). I've been physically abused, mentally abused, emotionally abused and verbally abused.... All of that is trauma... And what is PTSD associated with?! … Continue reading Toxic relationships can cause PTSD.

It’s honestly scary how another human can change you

I'm about to get real personal right now because this full moon got having the damn feels... I'm sad... Not because I'm getting a divorce anymore... Not because I was cheated on, or belittled, but because I'm different now. What made me, ME before, isn't what makes me now... I was open, optimistic, and and … Continue reading It’s honestly scary how another human can change you


Welcome to the first post of my Power of Rocks series! If you have no idea what the hell this post is about, please click here! How Amethyst is made: An amethyst geode is a hollow rock with amethyst crystals lining the inner walls, so first the cavity must be formed. This can happen anywhere there is or was … Continue reading POWER OF ROCKS SERIES: Amethyst