What got you into blogging?

One of my friends from high school had a mommy blog and she told me how it helped her stay sane and I was like, I need that in my life, so I gave it a shot and here I am almost 4 years later still blogging.

How do you manage to keep up on blogging with kids?

Barely… I have to find the time to plan out topics and posts and sometimes that is when I am in the bathroom or at work.

Do you run off coffee?

Funny, I use to hate coffee, but now I AM ADDICTED! I drink coffee everyday. Only cold and frozen coffee though. I hate hot drinks

Do you actually drink wine?

I use to, but the older I get, the more my body rejects things I love. So, no. Not really anymore.

How do you get ideas for topics?

I get them from everywhere. Mostly my kids. I look at every situation as a blogging opportunity