It’s okay to remove toxic people from your life, even family.

If you knew me ten years ago, you’d know that I allowed so much toxicness in my life. I let so many toxic people walk all over me. I also forgave wholeheartedly the people that knew what they were doing when they hurt me.

Being 30 years old, I’ve realized that I don’t give a flying fuck who you are, long time friend, blood, my great aunt Sue, if you’re causing drama, tension and just all around toxicness in my life, BYE.

I’ve already cut out 90% of family and those who I considered family, out of my life because they were causing me drama, tension, sadness and pain. They were treating me with the idea of what family shouldn’t be like.

It takes A LOT for me to cut someone out of my life who meant something to me. You would have to do something really hurtful to me more than once for me to completely cut you out. Somehow my dad’s side of the family has managed to do that. Which hurts but I realized it hurt more to have them in my life with their toxicness than it does to have no contact with them at all.

Back story

A lot of my family are two faced. They will pretend to care about you to your face and then turn around and bad mouth you like you mean nothing to them. Some of them will even bad mouth you when you are right next to them. They will make you promises like they mean it to look like a good person, but really have no intentions of keeping them. They will make plans with you over and over and break them every time and then put the blame on you when you finally set boundaries. They will pretend to care about your kids when you’re around but then never call to ask about them. They’ll treat you like shit and not talk to you for months and then act like you’re in the wrong and then turn around and invite you over for a holiday family dinner like you’re one big happy family. Some of them even favor others in the family and don’t even act like you exist and just stop contacting you. They also love to make you feel bad for asking them for any help.

Dear anyone who thinks this pertains to them,

If you’re feeling attacked like this pertains to you, you’re probably right, it more than likely does, but think about that for a moment…. Why would you feel like this pertains to you if you aren’t feeling guilty in some type of way? If I really meant something to you, I wouldn’t be writing this, would I? If you have never done me wrong, then why do you feel like this pertains to you? I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m not angry anymore. I’m not sad anymore. I’m just done. If you’re feeling like this pertains to you, then more than likely I’ve let you walk all over me for too long and I’m just done.

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