My 4 year old daughter is an empath and it scares me

As my daughter got older, I started to recognize a lot of her empathic traits. She notices things about people that other kids her age don’t. She’s very observant of others body languages and how they talk. She knows instantly just by looking at someone that they’ve had a bad day or that they are sad, especially me. She picks up on my emotions instantly.

Being an empath is a special gift

I’m an empath and super feeler and so is my mom and my grandma and now my daughter is. I love that I can pick up on others emotions by just looking at them or how they say something or even just how the breath. I love being able to feel what the feel so I can help them.

I also really love that I can pick up on someone’s energy. If I pick up on bad energy from someone I’m first meeting, that lets me know I need to be cautious. Yes, they might just be having a hard day and that’s why there’s so much negative energy, but some people are just negative people and will drain you of your positive energy.

Why my daughter being an empath scares me

Being an empath has taken a real mental toll on me. Empath’s not only pick up on others emotions and energies, they take them on and actually feel what the other person is feeling. I could be happy one day and come in contact with someone who isn’t and their energy is off and then I’ll feel how they are feeling.

Doing this for so many years of my life has worsened my anxiety and depression. Picking up on someone else’s emotions can literally cause me to have a panic attack and trust me, it has. Someone who is so negative about everything has so much tension and being near someone who has tension has literally made me throw up.

Empath’s tend to put themselves on the back burner for others needs

More often than not, empath’s will put their feelings, emotions and needs on hold to help others with theirs. It’s just what we do. The way others feel, is more important to us than how we feel.

Putting myself on hold to help others has literally caused me to have a full blown panic attack because I have all this built up emotions and feelings that haven’t been released.

I don’t want her to feel how I’ve felt

The thought of my daughter having the kind of anxiety and depression I have because of being an empath, scares the hell out of me. I don’t want her to ever feel how I’ve felt. I don’t want her to have panic attacks, especially like the ones I have. I don’t want her to feel like her brain is against her like I do.

Being an empath is a gift but also a curse.

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