Forever wearing the cloak of invisibility

Yes, I am referencing Harry Potter, but it’s fitting.

Why the cloak of invisibility, you ask?

Ever since I was little, I always felt like I was so invisible to everyone. I was homeschooled up until 9th grade, so I was pretty sheltered. When I hit middle school age, I made friends from the church I use to go to. As soon as freshmen year came, and I was going to an actual high school, all the friends I made, disappeared like I didn’t exist. This continued throughout all of high school. Friends left me, I was never included in anything with anyone, and insensitive comments were made about me.

It took so long

It took me a really long time to come out of my shell and not feel invisible only to be right back to where I use to be as an adult. I’m interrupted when I talk to most people. People will stop listening before I’m even done talking. Comments are still made that are insensitive, right in front of me like I’m invisible. People will disappear from my life after I was there for them through their hard times.

I’m kind to everyone

I’ve always been kind to everyone. I forgive when I probably shouldn’t. I’m there for people who has turned their back on me. I’m just all around kind to everyone, even those who have let me down.

Forever invisible I guess

Having depression and anxiety makes this worse obviously. I’m the kind of person that will just shut down when I feel invisible. I’ll get stuck in my own head and get lost there.

One response to “Forever wearing the cloak of invisibility”

  1. I see you, I hear you and I love you. Ur my best friend and I’m yours. You’ll always have me to listen when u talk, to see u when u feel invisible and to have your back when you feel alone. I love you xoxo


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