5 “Bitchy” acts you shouldn’t feel guilty for

Others have probably called you a bitch for having your own opinion and speaking that opinion or for standing up for yourself and doing what’s right for you. Don’t worry about those people. If being a bitch means you stand up for yourself and have an opinion and are not afraid to speak it, then take being called a bitch as a compliment.

You should be proud of being vocal and speaking your mind. You should be proud of standing up for yourself.


1. Saying “No”

It’s okay to say “No” in any situation, even if you know it’ll upset the other person. You have that right as a human being and no one should make you feel like you don’t have a choice. If you aren’t comfortable with something or simply just don’t want to do something, just say no.

2. Speaking your mind

I have sure been called a bitch for speaking my mind and you know? I don’t care! If someone is treating you poorly, you have every right to speak your mind. You have a right to speak your mind in any situation. Not your fault that the people in this world have become so sensitive.

3. Being honest

Everyone says they prefer honesty, but that’s not true. When someone asks you how they look in an outfit, then you should be able to give your honest opinion, even if it’s brutally honest and may hurt. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of being honest. Like I said, not your fault people in this world are so sensitive. If they didn’t want the truth, then they shouldn’t of asked you for an opinion. Your intentions were good, and you should never feel guilty for saying what you really mean.

4. Dropping people from your life

At some point in our lives, we just outgrow people or they change drastically and begin to have a negative effect on your life? Does that mean you should keep them in your life? No. Sometimes, cutting people out is necessary for your well-being. You may be called a bitch for just cutting someone out, but if protecting your well-being and mental health means being a bitch, then so be it.

5. Not wanting to hang out/breaking plans

I have been called a bitch and dropped as a friend because I told someone I didn’t want to hang out. Sometimes my mental state just needs me to stay home in my comfort zone. Sometimes I need to cancel plans because I am just simply not feeling up for it, and that is okay. You know why? Your mental health is FAR more important than your friend’s entertainment, and if they were real friends, they would understand. You shouldn’t have to make up an excuse like, you all of a sudden have to work just to get out of plans you made that you are no longer feeling up for.


Embrace your “Bitchiness”. If being a bitch means being honest, true, standing up for yourself and not taking shit, then embrace being a bitch. Besides, you shouldn’t change who you are to accommodate someone else’s sensitive ass. Sorry (Not really), but the real world doesn’t work that way. No one of importance is going to sugar coat shit for you because you are sensitive.

What have you been called a bitch for?

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