2019 round-up

Even though 2019 was a shitty year in my opinion, I am going to try and pull the good things from it that I experienced and my favorite things from 2019. Bear with me, y’all.

Utah trips

I got to travel down to Utah multiple times throughout 2019 to see my Grandma. My best friend and I would go for a weekend and we started going every other weekend. While being there so often, we made new friends, gained new hobbies and just found some happiness and time away from our everyday lives. I got really into collecting rocks and there’s a place in Springdale Utah that has a rock store that we get 99% of our rocks from.

Coffee coffee coffee

Since going to Utah, I have become addicted to a coffee place there called River Rock Coffee. I never use to like coffee but then I started drinking cold coffee and now because of this coffee shop, I drink hot coffee, but only their hot coffee. In just one weekend, we are probably at the coffee place at least 10 times. It’s sooooo good.

Painting became a hobby

I started painting and looking for rocks with my sister, Ashlee. It became a regular and addictive thing, to look for these hidden rocks. I really got into painting them though. I believe I’ve painted over 300 rocks altogether. I realized that I am actually pretty good at painting and started painting canvases. This year, I gave custom painted canvases as Christmas presents.


My best friend and I went to a concert on Freemont street in Las Vegas to see Nelly. One of my favorite artist’s since before my teenage years! Although it was jammed pack, like shoulder to shoulder packed and you could smell others body odors, we had a blast and got to cross seeing Nelly off our list! Will we ever go to a free concert on Freemont street again? Hell no, but we enjoyed it.

My hair grew back

Back in 2016, my hair was butchered (Read about it here). It was such an awkward length for what seemed like forever that I couldn’t do anything with it. in 2019, I was finally able to put in back in a hair tie! Something I wasn’t able to do for 2 years! Now it’s at a decent length where I can do all kinds of things to it! Props to my hair girl Teddi who fixed it in the first place!

Tattoo with the best friend

My best friend got me a tattoo for my birthday in November! I got my first tattoo in a garage for $40, and yes, it looks like a $40 tattoo. It’s terrible, but it has a lot of memories behind it so, I don’t think I will ever cover it up. Touch it up maybe because the lines are blown out and it’s just all around a really poorly done tattoo. My tattoo that my best friend got me is done amazingly… probably because it wasn’t done for $40 by a guy in a garage.

The best things I got in 2019!

My dog: I got my rescue puppy, Peanut in 2019 and she is the best thing I obtained. She is my shadow and I just love her.
Alexa Echo: I freaking love this thing! It does everything. I control my lights and my TV with it. It can control SO much more though. I use it for my alarms, my grocery list, to-do list, reminders, and for calling. I am obsessed with this and I highly recommend it!
Rocks: As funny as this sounds, I got A LOT of really awesome rocks in 2019. I got all my rocks in 2019 actually. My room is filled with them. I also won a giant piece of Honeycomb calcite in a silent auction for dirt cheap.

The foods I was addicted to in 2019

Carne Asada Fries– I ate so much of this and I am pretty sure that’s why I gained 10 lbs.
French Toast: My best friend and I went to breakfast A LOT in 2019 and we ate A LOT of french toast!
Potato Soup: I LOVE potato soup and have pretty much survived off of it in 2019. I know, I know, so much starch. lol
Tacos: Not taco’s like taco bell, but like REAL tacos. I REALLY love El Pollo Loco’s tacos!
Avocado: I love Avocado on pretty much anything. Anything that has to do with avocado, I love it.
BLT’S: I ate so many BLT’s. Like my whole body weight in BLT’s WITH avocado!!!

2019 was a really painfully hard and shitty year for me. I was lied to, cheated on, betrayed and was sick like 90% of the year. I found out that I have asthma, carpel tunnel and issues with my lower back and hips. I also have sinus issues. Literally I have felt the sick for the whole year. I still wanted to try and remember the good that came from it though, hence this post.

What did you like about 2019? Did you take any trips or discover something new?

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