Everyone should have a friend who’s an Empath

I have always been super sensitive to others feelings and emotions… Not just the understanding kind of sensitive… The kind of sensitive where I mentally and emotionally feel what others are feeling. I’m an empath.

Google says that an empath is a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual. So, that pretty much means that I am psychic. Lol

Besides the sheer fact that empaths are basically psychic, I am going to give you great examples why everyone should have a friend who is an empath.

Empaths just know things (psychic)

You don’t really need to tell them anything. They can tell when something is wrong just by looking at you. They can tell when something is wrong by the way you breath or how you say one word.. This is something beyond intuition, hence why it’s considered to be a paranormal ability.

We feel what you feel as our own feelings

This is something we literally can’t help…. We’re like a blue tooth for feelings. If someone is feeling something, we automatically link to you and project your feelings too. Except, we can’t turn it off. It’s a 24/7 things, the off switch is non existent. This is probably why people like to be around empaths.

Their opinions are based off of a strong intuition

When an empath tells you that you shouldn’t welcome someone in your life, it might sound like jealousy, but it’s not. It’s because they can sense a toxic person from a mile away. Their intuition comes on stronger than ever when they are near a dishonest person. We are just trying to spare you the pain.

We are excellent listeners

We don’t just listen to your problems only to have the space to talk about our own. We listen and try to put ourselves in your shoes. We genuinely understand you and will try and come up with the best solution for your situation.

We strive for the truth

No matter how painful it can get, we strive for the truth so we will slap you with it if need be, rather than to comfort you with lies. We will slap you with the truth, but we will also be there to hold you from the pain of the truth until you can pull yourself up.

Everyone needs an empath for a friend. We are loyal and best of all, honest. We will get to know you inside and out and never forget what your favorite food is. We will understand you and your feelings to the highest degree and cry with you if that’s what you need (We can sense what you are needing in a certain moment or situation). We will be honest with you, even if it hurts. We will carry you when you can’t hold yourself up.

Do you have a a friend who is an empath? What is it like to have an empathic friend?

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