I used to work with pedophiles

Guys, I am disgusted and just appalled about something I found out this week. Last year, I worked for a place called, CaptionCall.. I liked working there until I was treated like shit. You can read about my experience by clicking here. I found out MORE disturbing things about this place, like the fact that the company doesn’t care about the safety of others that work there…

Apparently they hire sex offenders

I use to work with a guy named Ronald Kirsh… him and I worked the same shift and he would walk past me every morning and talk to me. Lucky for me, it never got any further than a good morning here and there. I’m pretty sure it’s because I have a resting bitch face and he thought I was scary.
Here’s the story. in 2013, Ronald Kirsh was arrested in an FBI sting for trying to lure in a 13-year-old girl to have sex with him. 13 FUCKING YEARS OLD. He is a 59 year old man (then, 53). The FBI had been investigating him for over a year… Pretty disgusting, right?
Click here for the news article about it.

Apparently CaptionCall ignores background checks

Yeah, they hired him KNOWING that. Knowing his history and what he tried to do! I worked in a SEXUAL HARASSMENT FREE WORK ENVIRONMENT with a disgusting man who tried to rape a child… LIKE WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK CAPTIONCALL?! Other people that I worked with had encounters with this guy. They were harassment by this guy. He would make sexual comments about the young girls bending over. There are 17 and 18 year olds working for CaptionCall and they made it an unsafe environment by hiring this piece of shit and covering it up. They either didn’t give him a background check or just ignored what was on his… They finally fired him because someone was brave enough to report what was happening, because Ronald was too stupid and continued with his sex offending. This still enrages me though, because I WORKED WITH HIM AND DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHO HE REALLY WAS.

You have a right

I had a right as does everyone else that works there to know how the hiring process works and CaptionCalls HR department refused to release that information. Yeah, pretty sneaky, right? Just know that YOU DO HAVE A RIGHT to know how the hiring process works and honestly, you have a right to know who you are working with when it comes to situations like this. CaptionCall is suppose to prevent sexual harassment and instead they hired a pedophile.

From a mother’s view

Now, this enrages me even more as a mother. Kids right out of High School work for CaptionCall… YOUNG KIDS. I have two young girls and this guy was obviously somewhat intelligent, because he was a very successful man and use to be a college professor AND he was about to somehow get past his record and get a job where young kids worked. What if he did have interest in me? What of he had so much interest in me that he found out more about my life and found out that I have two young girls? There are so many what if’s about this situation!

Dear CaptionCall,

I am ashamed to have ever worked for a place that obviously has no standards and doesn’t care about the safety of their employees. I am so happy that I got out of there when I did and y’all are DAMN lucky Ronald did not mess with me, because y’all would have a lawsuit on your hands for hiring a pedophile in a supposedly sexual harassment free zone and putting everyone’s safety in danger.

5 responses to “I used to work with pedophiles”

  1. Thhanks for a great read


  2. I had a guy sexually harass me and my friend, as well as witnessing him staring down other women’s butts… When I learned it wasn’t just me I spoke to management.

    My manager told me “Oh, that guy? Yeah people have talked about him before. Well what do you want for us to talk to him?”
    I was astonished this sounded reoccurring… the manager then went on saying when he followed me I could change seats but thats something that could ruin adherence and get me in trouble…

    “Well itsa kind of boring job, its fine for eyes to wander” -said after I explained he stared at my ass for 15 seconds then saluted me…

    “I can’t say what but he could be awkward due to a mental illness” -this year the same manager yelled at me for feeling discouraged when I couldn’t get help with tech support… threatened to bring me back into office during covid…

    Went back and the second I walk in… I locked eyes with the guy… my manager was a woman too… not some misunderstanding dude..

    I’ve had people say “oh, I think I know who you’re talking about” to me recently… I can’t believe its on going and in a corporate setting… so disappointing I used to love this job- I was a teen.


    1. Right?! I didn’t know while I was there, but with how I was treated my a manager, it’s not real shocking. Still disgusting though.


  3. OMG 😮 what the actual f? I cannot believe it. Some companies don’t give a rat’s ass about who they hire. I am shocked

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