Friday Rant- Loss triggers love…?

I saw a quote on google that irked me. Something I don’t understand. The quote was “Crazy how loss triggers love.” This bothers me a lot. Like a lot. It is sad that someone can take for granted the amazing they have in front of them and not show any real love, but as soon as they lose that person, an epiphany hits them and they instantly love you more than anyone…

Years of pain

I spent years trying to make someone that I loved wholeheartedly with everything I was, to love me even just a little bit in return. I spent years hurting because I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I spent years wondering of I will ever be good enough. I doubted myself and my gut. Anyone know what it feels like to love with your whole being and soul to not be loved an ounce in return? Yeah, worst kind of pain I have ever experienced.

I view love differently

I never pictured love that way, but now my idea of love is so different. It angers me that we have people in this world who ruin the idea of love. It angers me that my innocent idea of love was ruined. It angers me that my love was taken for granted. I use to watch sappy love movies and cry because of how cute the love was between two people. Now, when I watch those same movies, I cry because I feel that the kind of love they are portraying is misleading… Yes, I know that people have this kind of love, but after my love being thrown down, stepped on and spit on, I don’t have a real positive look on love anymore.

Loss triggers love…?

I don’t think loss triggers love…. I think loss triggers desperation… The ones who sat and watched someone love them unconditionally and didn’t do a thing in return, were just comfortable being loved and taken care of… Loss can’t trigger love, because if the love was real love and not pretend, no one would lose anyone…

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