Being an Empath is terrible for my anxiety

As you all know, I am a walking ball of anxiety. Well, being an empath does not help that at all. Sometimes I love being an empath but when it comes to my anxiety, I hate it.

Pros of being an empath

  • Can pick up on tension in a crowd and leave the situation
  • You know when something is wrong with someone by the look on their face or the tone in their voice and can offer help
  • You feel what others feel
  • Makes you compassionate
  • When I am surrounded by people who are happy, I can absorb their happiness

Cons of being an empath

  • Sense tension within family and try to help even when they don’t want it
  • All the emotions and tension you pick up on causes anxiety and sadness to yourself
  • You tend to care more about other’s feelings rather than your own
  • You neglect your own emotions and feelings because you feel so much of everyone else’s.

I pick up on even the slightest tension or mood change from the people around me. I like that I am this way and can feel their emotions because then I can help them with the issue they are having, but it’s also terrible for my anxiety. When there is drama in my family (What family doesn’t have drama?) and someone is mad at me for reasons I am not aware of, I can feel that anger and tension to the max, so much that it makes me literally sick to my stomach and just uncomfortable. This is the worst part of being an empath because I already have anxiety so it amplifies my anxiety by what feels like, a million.

Tough lessons Empaths must learn to be empowered and healthy

  • You can’t save everyone
  • Sometimes you can’t save the one you want to, either.
  • If a situation is awful, you must get out even if others won’t
  • Putting up healthy boundaries will piss people off, do it anyways to protect yourself
  • Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, it’s essential

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