Friday rant – I am losing my sanity


So, as you know from my previous post, I haven’t slept much because of my three year old being a demon and refusing to go to bed without a fight, so I am in a ranty mood.

She is the most stubborn, ruthless three year I have ever met. She will say anything to piss you off because she knows it does. Last night, she told me after I gave her her toy back, “You won’t take it anymore!” She also told me she didn’t like me anymore. A while back, she picked up some habits from someone else’s kid. When she’s mad now, she crosses her arms, stomps her feet and grunts and says, “It’s not fair!” It has been an ongoing battle with her for over a month about pretty much everything. Lack of sleep is getting the best of me….

I have the worst internet company

So I have internet and let me tell you, the last few months, I have had the worst experience with them. First of all, I pay for the top internet and there is ALWAYS an outage or something wrong with the modem. I had someone mess up my ENTIRE account and they tried to charge me an extra $500 for stuff that I had already paid for and things that were promised to me for free. I rely on my internet for my job because I work from home and because of my internet company, I’ve had to take extra time off of work because my internet wasn’t working.

Some people need to learn to be better friends

So, it takes A LOT to really bother me, but when someone I’ve been friends with for over 10 years doesn’t invite me to her wedding or even her bridal shower, yeah that bothers me. It hurts more than it bothers me. I had another friend who I was friends with for over 13 years. We did everything together. She didn’t choose me as even a bridesmaid. When I asked her why, she said because she already had too many. One of her bridesmaids wasn’t even her friend…. Made no sense.

There you have it, my week worth of rantings.

15 responses to “Friday rant – I am losing my sanity”

  1. I heard that the toddler years last until they’re like four or five. Somebody tell me that’s a lie because I can’t take it either girl. I live off of coffee. At least my internet’s not that bad, though they always try to charge extra if they come out to do anything. It’s soo annoying.

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    1. I heard that it could last until seven or eight. When I heard that, I about cried. My kid will be 4 in January.

      When I do get internet, it’s great high speed internet. There is just a lot of outages and always something wrong with the equipment or the lines.I pay an extra fee to get technicians for free. Since you know, I’m always having technicians come to my house for something. 🤦

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      1. Lmao you have got to be kidding! Seven or eight? I might not live that long lol. Mine just turned three and then I’ve got a 6 mo old.

        Internet’s not something you can do without these days, or I’d say eff ’em.

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      2. I don’t think I Will survive is it last that long either. I’m already losing my sanity because of my almost four-year-old. 3 year olds are definitely worse than 2 year olds.

        I totally could not live without Wi-Fi, especially because I need it for my job. So I really rely on Wi-Fi.

        You’ve got your hands full. Positive vibes to you. LOL

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      3. And positive vibes to you too! I will look forward to ranting with you about it all on your next one lol.

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      4. Girl, I would love to do a collaboration or even have you guest post for me.

        I am so glad that somebody likes and agrees with my rants. LOL if you’d like to do a guest post for me or a collaboration piece, go ahead and email me. 🙂

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      5. I will think on a guest post! A collab could come in the future, I’m just super busy at the moment. I love blogging but it’s a lot more work than I thought!! Lol I will shoot you an e-mail soon! 🙂

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      6. Girl, I get it. Mom life is busy as heck. I’ve got three kids, a 15 who is almost 16 year old, a six-year-old and an almost four-year-old, so trust me when I say I get it. I don’t really even have time to go pee by myself.

        Flogging is definitely a lot more work than I ever thought it was. Whenever you are ready. 🙂


      7. Oh no, you have a teenager? You poor mom. Teenagers have got to be my biggest fear ever (even when I was one I didn’t care for ’em) lol. It’s not their faults, it’s just the worst time of life. You really are busy as heck.

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      8. Yeah, I’ve got kids at all age groups that seems like. LOL my teenager is really not bad at all. I mean, he’s got that teenage attitude, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t really have any issues with him at all. It’s mainly with the two little ones. Them together are we worse than my teenager will ever be. LOL
        my poor teenager is just discovering that emotions really suck so that’s pretty much what I’m dealing with with him.

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      9. Lol you must have a lively house. It’s good to hear that your teen is doing good, you’ve done something right! The emotions though, that’s what freaks me out. Mine were the worst and I don’t want to relive it! Lol

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      10. It literally sucks so bad to see your child hurting and to tell you that emotions suck. especially because you know exactly how it feels and how lonely it can feel and the thought of your child feeling that way just is heartbreaking. I definitely have a lively house. I’m always busy doing something. I’m just glad I’m not changing diapers anymore. LOL

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      11. Yes and teenagers can’t understand, even though you tell ’em, that it will get better. That all that crap calms down eventually (to some degree hopefully). It’s just a weird, weird time for everybody. I hope he starts to feel better.

        I am so jealous of people that have potty-trained kids. I can’t even talk about it. That might be my rant topic for you lol.

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      12. Potty training for my kid was a freaking nightmare. Let me tell you. She was the most stubborn toddler ever. She hated the toilet and then when she finally was potty trained, she would refuse to wipe for the longest time. 🤦

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      13. Plus, I’ve gotta catch up on your stuff and your audience 😉

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