Judgmental people are ugly

This post may seem more as a rant, but I’ve dealt with a lot of judgement lately that this needs to be said.

Where do people get the right to judge another person? Why do they get the right to disown someone because of their belief? Most religions are like that. I grew up Mormon and let me tell you, that religion are the most judgmental group of people I’ve ever met. They look down upon you for a lot. They look down upon you for being gay or wearing in modest clothing. The Mormon religion says it’s not okay to judge another, but that’s exactly what they do.

Here’s an example. When I was a teenager, I participated in a Church function where we impersonated pioneers and pulled wagons. Well, it was the middle of summer and I had to wear a long thick pioneer skirt and a bonnet. Well, once we settled and pitched our tents, I tried to take my skirt off because I had shorts underneath (Modest shorts too), and when I walked out, one of the camp leaders said, You can’t wear those, they aren’t appropriate. You need to put the skirt back on.” Guys, it was over 100 degrees outside and NO shade. I stayed in my tent the majority of the time so I didn’t have to wear the skirt…

Here is another form of judgment I’ve had to deal with. Friends… Yes, the ones who are suppose to not judge and have your back. Well, I was judged a lot with this person. I was judged because of my choice to eat an edible.A FREAKING EDIBLE. I don’t do drugs, and I don’t hurt people, but I was frowned upon because of eating an edible… I was also judged (and told it was a sin) because I was talking about divorce because of verbal and mental abuse. Apparently, because it’s a sin in RELIGION, I should stay with someone who hurts me and work it out… I was talked to like I was beneath this person because I choose to not follow a religion. This person tried to push religion and religious events down my throat multiple times even after I told them no. (If you were to ask them about any of this, they’d deny it…) Newsflah: I think ALL religions are cults and are a form of control. Want to judge me now?

Judging other is ugly and it makes you an ugly person. Disowning someone because of their belief is disgusting and is probably the worst kind of judging there is. Sadly, I have family treating other family like this…
Newsflash: Just because someone doesn’t believe what you do, doesn’t mean they are evil and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are better than them. If you are part of a religion, more than likely you are being taught that judging is wrong, right? Well disowning someone because they choose to have their own beliefs is wrong, and you know it.

Growing up, I have been judged for a lot of things, a lot of hurtful things. I was judged for what I wore when I was wearing tank tops. I was judged for feeding my daughter formula because I couldn’t produce enough for her. I was judged because I chose to not practice religion anymore. I was made out to be a terrible mother, a whore and a sinner because of my choices. I am a good human being with a huge heart. I wouldn’t hurt a fly on purpose.

Dear those who like to judge,
You are not the cat’s ass. You are not better than me because you believe that going to church every Sunday is going to save you from going to hell (It won’t by the way). You are not godly just because you read the bible and practice some of it. You do NOT have a right to judge anyone for any reason. Oh, and don’t shove your religion down someones throat because you think it’s right.
NO ONE is perfect, no matter how much of the bible you read, no matter how much you go to church. Stop acting like you are.
Someone who is tired of being judged.

3 responses to “Judgmental people are ugly”

  1. sundaymorningwithsandy.com Avatar

    Very well said!! I am a huge believer in God, but currently, don’t go to church because of the judgment.

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  2. Love that quote from Erykah Badu–“You cannot judge people because they sin differently than you do” (BTW, love her music). Now, I actually am religious–so don’t judge…;) but I totally agree with so much of what you say. I will raise my kiddos in my faith and where they go from there, will be up to them but beyond that, I will never push my religion on any one person. I’m sorry you have been hurt by judgmental people, especially those close to you. We’ve all been there and it totally sucks! Just keep doing you!

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    1. I would never judge you or anyone because of religion! 😊 I’m happy with what makes people truly happy. Just because I’m not religious anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t have my beliefs. Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

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