Just a hobby I picked up and now am OBSESSED with

Yes, I’m still alive. I know, I’ve been MIA for a while. Depression hit me hard and I couldn’t get myself to do much of anything for the last 3 weeks. All I wanted to do was sleep and cry. I am feeling somewhat better now, at least enough that I can function. During those three weeks, I picked up a new hobby that I became obsessed with. My friend, Gina (Author of Work in Progress), and I were at a park one day with our kids and she found a painted rock. I asked her why it was painted and what the point of it was and come to find out, painting rocks and hiding them for others to find is actually a big thing. She added me to Painted rock groups on Facebook and that’s when I really started getting into it. 

My sister, Ashlee and I went to the park one Sunday after I had told her about the hidden painted rocks. Once she found her first rock, she became obsessed too. Since then, we’ve painted over 20 rocks all together and will be hiding them around our town for others to find and enjoy. 

Here are our rocks, some we found and most we painted. 

Here are the ones we found. My three year old actually found the two pickles and the monster ones. She is just as obsessed with searching for rocks as I am.

Here are some reasons why I love painting/hiding/finding rocks:

  • I have found it helps keep my anxiety under control
  • It lets me be creative
  • Finding and hiding rocks gives me exercise
  • It gets me out of the house
  • It’s fun to get to know new people who love it just as much as you do
  • Best of all, it’s pretty much free (except for buying the paint, but looking for rocks is free)

I never knew about this until Gina told me. I guess it’s actually a big thing everywhere. I am now in 6 Facebook groups for painting and hiding rocks. I’ve even found rocks that came from different states, which is pretty cool!

If you think this sounds like a fun hobby, search for painted rock groups on Facebook in your area.

4 responses to “Just a hobby I picked up and now am OBSESSED with”

  1. Creative tasks are a great cure for depression. Glad you’re feeling better.


  2. sundaymorningwithsandy.com Avatar

    I love this and looked – I couldn’t find anything local yet, but did come across somebody talking about Be Kind rocks. That may be fun to leave all over or positive things to make people happy. I have to do more homework about this!

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    1. Do it!! It’s so fun. I’ve been doing more inspirational words on my rocks to hopefully lift someone’s spirits. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sundaymorningwithsandy.com Avatar

        Yes – I am going to work on this!

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