Things you need to know from a mom suffering from anxiety

Things you need to know from a mom suffering from

Anxiety is hard to handle and really messes with your mind, even more so when you’re a mother. 

The other night, I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, but of course I can’t. I start thinking of things I can’t do anything about at that moment, like if we need groceries, what happened to my dish brush that I was using earlier, and if my kid brushed her teeth or not. I wish this was the extent of my other thinking, but it’s not. 

I hear a motorcycle outside and think, “Wow, that’s loud…. what if they are parked in front of my house… What if it’s someone who is trying to get in my house? What happens if they do get in? I have to get my daughter out without him seeing. Will I be able to get out of the window in time and get away? What if I don’t? What if he gets my daughter? 

Yeah, these are the kind of thoughts that pop in my head when I am trying to sleep. This is pretty much a nightly thing.

This what mom’s with anxiety want you to know

Anxiety all started with me when I was in middle school age. I didn’t grow up in the happiest family home- there was a lot of fighting and tension and after so long of something like this, it can take a serious toll on someone.

I got pregnant having anxiety, so I worried all the time. I became a mom with anxiety which was the hardest thing ever. I ended up becoming a stay at home mom and that didn’t do my anxiety any good. 

Here’s what you NEED to know:

I didn’t choose anxiety. It chose me. 

My mind does not work like other’s who don’t have anxiety. One bad thought can spiral out of control and turn into a panic attack.

I hate feeling this way, trust me. 

I don’t like it at all and I would never choose to feel this way, especially for attention.

Because of anxiety, I am an over protecting mom.

Having anxiety is a feeling of not having control. As a result, I try and control everything my kid does to keep her safe. It’s not the best way to do things but it’s the only way I know how right now. 

Stop judging me when you have never had to live this way.

Regardless if someone has anxiety or not, you shouldn’t judge anyways. It helps no one. It’s beyond hard to be a mother who suffers from anxiety

Don’t tell me that my kid is suffering because of my anxiety, because she isn’t. 

Just because I am over protective of my kid, doesn’t mean I neglect her of any fun. I am just more cautious than most about the things she does. 

Don’t belittle my feelings. 

Just because you feel something is not worthy of getting upset over, doesn’t mean I feel that way. It’s a feeling, not a choice. I can’t just choose what bothers me and what doesn’t. If I could, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. (1)

Yes, I have a mental illness. Yes, I struggle daily with it. Yes, it makes things hard, but that doesn’t mean I’m not human just like you and don’t have feelings, they are just different than yours. 

Being a mom with Anxiety is not easy. 

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9 responses to “Things you need to know from a mom suffering from anxiety”

  1. I know it’s so tough to deal with something like this. My ex suffered through that throughout the pregnancy, and her brother was dying at the time. It did make things spiral out of control. Not so fun.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this, is so very important to raise awareness! “Invisible” illness is so hard to deal with, because others can’t see what you’re actually going through.

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  3. I suffered anxiety after my first child was born so know how tough it can be suffering anxiety as a mother. It is great that you have shared your experience with others.

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  4. I have lived my whole life with anxiety and I understand how tough it is. You are an amazing mom, and you are doing your best.


  5. I don’t have anxiety to the point that it disrupts my life, but I get it sometimes. My toddler has some sensory issues and problems communicating, so taking her new places often gives me a lot of anxiety. My husband has diagnosed anxiety and I know through his experiences that it is not something that is easy to live with.


  6. You are on point when you said I didnt choose anxiety, it chose me. My anxiety levels got worse when I lost two loved ones. Now almost three years later I am learning to cope.

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  7. amayszingblogs Avatar

    Anxiety is really hard I know what it feels like because I’ve been through that before. Sometimes other people can’t understand your situation, in fact, they keep judging you. My advice is don’t mind them do the things that make you feel happy because you are blessed 🙂

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  8. I agree that I didnt choose anxiety it choose me – its the same for me. People don’t always understand that and think you can just get rid of it by choice and no you cant.

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  9. I don’t have chronic anxiety, but I get bouts of it sometimes. I am worse when my husband isn’t home at night. We have a plan for what to do if someone breaks in or there’s a fire or other emergency when we are both home. But if he is gone overnight I worry about how I would get both kids safe if the need arises.

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