Topics to give you inspiration for blog posts

Topics to give you motivation for

Do you love to blog? Do you also get major writers block and have to freaking clue what to blog about sometimes? Yeah? Well, I am here to save the day. I am going to give you topics to motivate your brain to come up with some blog topics.

Am I writing this because I have no other blog post ideas…? Hmmmm



Do you have a favorite recipe that you tweaked to make your own or is entirely your creation? Blog about it. Do you hate certain foods that everyone else normally loves? Blog about it. Is everyone in your house a picky eater and you feel like you are the only non picky eater? Blog about it. Do you just like food altogether? Blog about it.


Ever had a total embarrassing fail that you now look back on and laugh about? Yeah, people love to read about that stuff.  Humans are weird… People get more enjoyment out of your fails than your accomplishments. Whatever, blog about it!


This topic gives to many blog post ideas. Especially toddlers. Blog about how they get on your nerves or how they are why you are who you are. Blog about their odd habits or their amazing achievements. Blog about their triumphs. Literally, you can blog about their favorite toy and why it is their favorite. You can blog about the crazy things they do and how you think you might have a nervous breakdown. Literally anything really. Children are relateable and people like reading things they can relate to. 


Do you have a pretty awesome or maybe even not so awesome but would like to share it with the world? Blog about it. Do a How-to blog post. Readers love those posts. You can literally go in so many directions with this one. You can share how to clean an attic in under 20 minutes, how-to make a bread-less sandwich or how to blog in general. Use your hobby as a base. 

Add a subheading


Everyone has these. Blog about them. Write about something you struggle with daily or have struggled with and how you over come/came it. Blog about all that comes with these struggles. Blogging about your trials lets other’s know that you are going through/have gone through something that your readers have. Like I said, people like to read things that are relatable.


You can also go in so many directions with this. You can give advice about anything you know about, something you went through, something you know how to do. You can give your best advice for first time mom’s on how to deal with little to no sleep. You can give advice on how to blog. Really, sky’s the limit with this one. For example, I have a lot of sarcasm in my blog, therefore, naturally I write sarcastic advice like, “How not to be an asshole.” 

Asking for advice

You can go the complete opposite with is and ask your readers for advice/opinions on something. Something that is new to you  and don’t know how to get through. Besides, interacting with your readers is super important. Maybe you’re a fashion blogger, and need help figuring out what outfit goes good with what shoes. Maybe you’re a mom blogger (Like me) and need advice on how to potty train. 


This topic is endless. Do you have something that you do that is like a shortcut and makes life easier? Blog about it. People love shortcuts to an easier life. Life hacks are everywhere. Blog about how you potty trained your 2 year old in 3 easy steps, or how you upcycled a plastic bottle and now use it everyday, or how you conserve water with one easy step… Anything that has made your life easier, blog about it. 


I hope this had opened up your mind to a variety of blog post topics to write about. Writer’s block is tough to deal with when you want to stay up to date with your audience. 



33 responses to “Topics to give you inspiration for blog posts”

  1. Fails is a great idea! I never think about that. Always looking for the good news.

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  2. NaturalBeautyAndMakeup(Ana) Avatar

    My favour8te topics are how-to, hacks and food ☺ These are some great tips on blogpost ideas, loved reading the post ☺

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    1. Thanks for reading!


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