Three year old’s and what they do when you’re not looking

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My husband has always said our three-year- old is a ninja. Anytime I left, I always came home to something ruined, or destroyed because of our daughter. I argued with him because our daughter never got away with that kind of stuff when I was home-I paid that close attention to her. So, she never really got into things on my watch… Until recently.

I think she caught on to the fact that I watch her closer (Way closer) than anyone else and she got quicker and sneakier at doing things she isn’t suppose to do. Here is how sneaky my three-year-old has become because of me.


Red Lipstick

Averie and I were in my room watching T.V., she was sitting on my bed with one of her toys, watching PJ Masks. I walked out for not even 3 minutes to get a snack and drinks for us, and when I come back in, I sit on the bed and she’s in the bathroom washing her hands. I ask her to come out and when she does, she walks out all nonchalant, with bright red lipstick all over her face, eyes, stomach, legs and arms. I asked her, “What on earth is on your face?!” With a little smirk, she replied, “There’s nothing on my face.” In a matter of three minutes, she managed to find a tube of my liquid lipstick and cover pretty much her whole body in it. It took days to get it all off of her. 



Dish Soap

One day, I was sitting on my bed folding clothes and Averie was in her room playing…So I thought. I keep my door wide open and her room is right next to mine so I should of seen her leave her room… but I didn’t. My husband was outside, working on my car and when he walks in, he finds our daughter at the kitchen sink doing dishes with an entire bottle of dish soap. It was a brand new bottle that hadn’t even been used yet and she dumped out the entire bottle into the sink of three plastic bowls that were already clean before she got to them. There were so much bubbles, that they were still present in the sink hours later. 


One day, Averie said she had to pee (Don’t know why, but she always insists on telling me before she actually goes to the bathroom), so I tell her to go and to not play in my in my bathroom… I don’t know why I thought she would actually listen this time, but I did. She was in there for 5 minutes and when I went to go get her out, she had gotten into my Vaseline and put it all over her face and in her hair and topped it off with putting 4 bows in the front of her hair. After that, she gets in my bed, full of Vaseline and falls asleep.



Snack Queen

All this girl wants is snacks. I swear, she just thinks of me as her snack bitch. She won’t eat lunch or dinner hardly ever, but she can eat snacks all day, everyday. The other day, she had already had a string cheese, a granola bar and fruit snacks, all within an hour and of course, she wanted more. I told her no more for right now and then she disappeared into her room. I go in there after about 5 minutes, because she was being quiet, and find her eating more fruit snacks and crackers… I don’t even know how she got them. All the snacks are up in a high cupboard in the kitchen and I was in the living room the whole time and didn’t hear her at all.

My three-year-old has become a master ninja if she’s figured out how to sneak around me. I notice everything. 

Tell me about your toddlers and their sneakiness.


17 responses to “Three year old’s and what they do when you’re not looking”

  1. My Daughter just started out with the toddler phase. It’s been a lot of fun she climbs the stairs all the way to her bedroom. I can’t wait until she starts doing cheeky things like this. Hahaha the joys of having kids 👌❤😋


  2. The little ones can be so adorable and they do cute things. I am not a mum yet but hopefully one day I get to enjoy all these fun moments 🙂

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  3. Hahaha I have ninja twins i feel you on this! I think they did almost everything you mentionned plus putting lots of things in the toilets or throwing things by the window (i live downtown Paris so some were pissed haha)!

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    1. I am actually really happy that might daughter never stuck anything in the toilet. She only stuck one thing in the toilet, and it was her hand and it was only once. LOL

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  4. My daughter has always been a bit of a monkey – but, as in your house, she got away with more when it was Daddy watching her lol!

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  5. I remember those days, now my younger one is 13. I am still in disbelief that she is no longer my little 3-year-old fun girl.

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    1. I also have a 5 year old and a 15 year old so I get what it’s like when they have to grow up. 😭


  6. I can SO relate. It is like every time I turn around my youngest is into something.

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  7. Today is my last day with a three-year-old! My youngest turns 4 tomorrow, but he is a snack hound as well! He could have just eaten here, then we go to my in-laws and he will get out snack after snack. One day I asked how many snacks he was going to have and he proceeded to count everything out and exclaimed, “I have seven snacks!” Also, my son has to tell me every time he needs to go potty too, even though I always tell him he doesn’t need to and can just go.

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    1. Happy almost birthday to your boy! ❤️
      My daughter counts out her snacks too.


  8. Ha! These made me laugh….I can SO relate! I was once upstairs changing my younger daughter’s diaper when my 4 year old came running up stairs proudly showing me she had given her favorite lovey a haircut…..It’s amazing what they can do in a matter of a minute or two.

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    1. You aren’t kidding! They can get pretty sneaky.


  9. My daughter at 3 told on herself all the time, actually at 5 she still does that so no sneaky ninja toddlers here lolol

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  10. My 3 yr old seems to be the queen of getting into stuff that is hidden. Not sure how she knows where the stuff is located, but she is like a bloodhound. I am thinking I need to make money off of her skill. Haha It will fund all the things she ruined after she found them. Three year olds are super sneaky.


    1. My kid does that!!! Curse the day she’s figured out how to climb. 😂


  11. These stories are impressive. My 3 year old never did any of these.

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    1. You are lucky then. LOL


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