Sensory activity safe for all ages 4-6 months and up

Here is a guest post by a fellow Mom blogger, Rachel! Please show her some love! 



Hi everyone!

My name is Rachel and I’m the owner of Coffee Mamma I’m so honored today to be doing my very first guest post! I am a Mommy Blogger that focuses on all things Woman, Mother, Family and Child friendly. My love of beauty, passion for blogging, addiction to coffee and of course my currently 9 month old Daughter have led me to this point. I owe everything to my little Girl ❤


I was absolutely ecstatic when Jessie the owner of this wonderful website you have found me on had told me she liked my website so much and that she wanted me to guest post for her. Hugeeee thanks to Jessie for the Great Opportunity. I appreciate it soooooo much.

There’s something about blogging that just soothes my soul.


Today I would like to share with all the moms and caregivers around the world a super simple sensory activity safe for all ages 4-6 months and up.

I’m not exactly sure if there is a name or exact recipe out there for this somewhere.

I think once I’ve heard it referred to as “oobleck”.


I’ve just been running into a lot of moms that haven’t thought this would be safe for children of really young ages. Buttt! I’m here to tell you it is!!! And your child will love it!!!

As long as your baby can sit in a highchair on their own and my personal suggestion is that they have had cereal before, then this is a great thing to introduce.

Also, my reasoning for the preference of your child starting cereal beforehand is because babies put everything in their mouth. This is a thicker substance and I just feel it’s in a child’s best interest to introduce this activity after they have had practice swallowing something thicker than breast milk or formula.

You will need:

  • A tarp or drop sheet
  • Corn Starch
  • A mixing bowl
  • Food Coloring of your choice
  • A Highchair or somewhere safe for your child to sit.
  • A whisk or a fork to mix with
  • Water


  1. First what you want to do is set up your drop sheet. Now, this is more necessary unnamed (1)for infants or if your young child makes a HUGEEE mess. The first time I let my daughter play with goop she got it everywhere all over my table couch and floors. I picked some painters to drop sheets up from the dollar store next time I was out. 
  2. After you have your drop sheet set up you want to place the highchair probably in the middle. You probably wouldn’t think that it could get too messy behind your child but you’d be surprised. 
  3. Now, take your mixing bowl, and put as much cornstarch as you like. Be reasonable though.
  4. If you have a really young child I would put a lot less then if you have a toddler or school-aged child. This step is where I like to add just a couple drops of food coloring. I just do whatever color I feel like doing!!! 
  5. Add little bits of water at a time while stirring. The trick with this is NOT putting TOO MUCH water in. If you add too much water then the cornstarch won’t develop the ability to be both solid and liquid at the same time. 
  6. Last but not least get your kiddo secured in their highchair and let them play! I started by pouring it in little bits directly onto my daughter’s tray. Once she was more interested in it I dumped the rest of the bowl onto her tray.


This is something I just love because it’s super simple and its fun, safe & sensory for all ages. There are plenty of ways you can change it up too, in different colors, a dash of cinnamon or vanilla extract. My daughter had suchhh a blast it was amazing seeing her explore and have so much fun.

Like I mentioned for this to work you really want to make sure you don’t use toooooo much water. When you first touch it should feel kinda solid, like you can run your finger over it without applying pressure and it shouldn’t move very much.

When you touch it with a bit of pressure, it will break apart a bit allowing you to pick it up.


Pressure mixed with the warmth of your skin will turn it very liquidy so when you pick it up it will turn watery and fall through your fingers.

Here is a link to a YouTube video. I did not make this video but the person who did make this video displayed perfectly what the end results should be.

I hope you all enjoyed my little post. Thank you so much for reading again this was my first guest post so this really means a lot to me. Another big Thank You to Jessie for having me here today.

For other fun things, you can do with your young children check out some of my latest posts like 9 things you can do with you 6 – 12-month-old & 11 Baby Friendly Fall Films. Or just check out my entire site to see if anything spikes your interest. I hope to see some of you soon. Have a wonderful day everyone.


2 responses to “Sensory activity safe for all ages 4-6 months and up”

  1. Although I cannot stand slime, or the thought of touching it, amd it being messy. However I do agree that this is a wonderful sensory activity for kids to experiance! This is a wonderful D.I.Y to make thabk you for this.

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    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for reading my guest post. I’m glad you found my article interesting and hope you enjoy this activity with your little one.

      Liked by 1 person

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