You know you have a toddler when…


…they insist on looking in the toilet after you’ve done your business.

you find the fridge open, and the ketchup, pickles and milk on the floor.

you never get a full drink to yourself.

you find your shoes, keys, socks, and brush in their rooms, hidden behind their pillow.

you hear them talking to inanimate objects as if they were people.

the word you hear like 90% of the time is the word snack.

you give them what they ask for and then get yelled at because in 2.5 seconds they decided they didn’t want it and you didn’t already know.

TODDLER: Small creature who is only hungry after you throw away the food they refused to eat the first eighty times you offered it to them.

they refuse to put pants on…

they hide their pants because they don’t want to wear them.

they insist on wearing someone else’s pants.

Pants are for mere mortals.

they never want to take a nap at naptime, but will fall asleep like 2 hours before their bedtime.


they don’t want to go to sleep at bedtime so they start demanding drinks.

baby shark is stuck in your head 24/7.


they sing a song about brushing their teeth in the baby shark song melody.

they know how to navigate YouTube better than you do.

they want to “Help” with literally everything you do.

they want to do everything themselves.

you go through an entire box of Band-Aids in a week.

Band-Aids have magical healing powers.

they don’t want to eat what you give them, yet they are always hungry.

they want to eat what is on your plate and not theirs when it’s literally the same food.


Do you have a toddler? What are some of the things that your toddler does? Tell me down below in the comments.



19 responses to “You know you have a toddler when…”

  1. Sure, life with toddlers can be very exhausting. Thankfully, they grow up and we forget.

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  2. oh this is so sweet and adorable! of course i do admire the dedication of parents!

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  3. Omg, the baby shark song has been stuck in my head all weekend! Yup, I’m a toddler mom. Lol.

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    1. Baby shark do do do do do. Lol
      my daughter will sing it while doing other activities like, brush your teeth do do do do do do. LOL


  4. Your daughter is so precious. I miss the toddler years. It was a lot of work but all worth it.


  5. OMG this could not be truer! Totally gave me a laugh and made my day!


  6. OMG yes! We joke that the only way to get our kid to eat is put the same food on one of our plates. Oh you all of the sudden will eat all the carrots!

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  7. “Pants are for mere mortals” You made me laugh a lot with this post. I spent Christmas with my sister-in-law and her two toddlers and they are for sure a bundle of never ending energy.

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    1. How do they have so much energy though?! Like life long batteries.


  8. OH my goodness. So much truth. The other day my 4 year old looks at me and says goodnight, looks at my husband and says goodnight, then he looks at an empty chair and says “goodnight alligator” lol

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    1. What in the actual heck?! Lol that’s kinda creepy. Lol

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      1. I know, right?! 🤣 kids, man, kids…


  9. Oh my gosh, yes! My three-year-old yelled for help to get his toothpaste on his toothbrush tonight but then yelled at me when I did it.

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  10. YUP! I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. They definitely want to be independent but still need Momma for some things. Haha

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    1. They do! My 3 year old is super independent. She even makes her own sandwiches now. 😭


  11. Hahaha! Your post made me laugh specially about Baby Shark! My friend who has a toddler kept playing this during our get together dinner and all of us has that song in our heads for days!

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    1. That song is evil. It ALWAYS gets stuck in my head. I torture my husband with it. Hahahaha


  12. Ooh, I remember this phase well, lol! I look back on it nostalgically now but I think it was pretty frustrating at the time!!


    1. Toddlers are frustrating!!! Omg. My kid especially. Lol


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