How to drive Mama Crazy in 5 easy steps: Husband Edition


My kids drive me absolutely crazy, but so does my husband… Sometimes more than my kids do. Some of the things he does, my kids don’t even do. Which is probably why he drives me crazy more than my kids do sometimes. So, I definitely couldn’t leave him out of this series. Haha!


My husband thinks it’s okay to leave trash where ever he is at, even if it’s inches away from the garbage can. My 2-year- old doesn’t even do this. He’ll also leave  dirty dishes everywhere sometimes. Cups of coffee in glass mugs get left outside and also in his car along with dirty plates with stuck on food.


When the TV is on, no matter what is on it, he’ll ignore anything and everything I say to watch it. Sometimes he’ll act like he’s listening, but when I ask him what I said, he’ll have no idea whatsoever, even if I was sitting right next to him. He says he doesn’t do it on purpose…. Mhmmm. He gets distracted by the TV anytime time it’s on too. Like instantaneously get’s distracted, no matter what’s on! He’ll even stop to watch Daniel Tiger when our daughter is watching it.


His time management is terrible!! He’ll go to work on a car and then tell me, “Oh, not too much longer. About 30 minutes, probably less.” Which really means, I have no idea how long, I’m just throwing a random time out there, knowing it’s going to be over 2 hours. He does this all the time about anything he does, even things he’s done a million times and should know how long it takes by this time.  This makes it impossible to plan for anything around the things he does.


It doesn’t bother me anymore that he puts his dirty clothes on the floor, but what really bugs me is when he puts his clean clothes on the floor with or next to his dirty ones. So when I clean the room, I will just stick all of the clothes that are on the floor (Assuming that they are dirty) in his hamper and then he’ll ask me why his dirty and clean clothes are both in his hamper. Really… BECAUSE YOU HAD THEM TOGETHER ON THE FLOOR.


His clutter! His clutter drives me crazy like no other. He’ll put things all over the house where they don’t belong. I am cleaning his clutter every day. Just the other day, I took a whole pile of his work papers off the DVD shelf and handed them to him. The next day, he put those same papers on the kitchen table where our daughter can reach them. I handed them to him again and this time he stuck them in a folder…. and then put them right back on the kitchen table. Literally nothing in our house looks organized because he sticks everything where it doesn’t belong. And he wonders why he can never find what he’s looking for or why his things get ruined by our daughter.


Don’t take any of this out of context, I love my husband, he just really drives me crazy… like 90% of the time.

Let’s hear your stories.


4 responses to “How to drive Mama Crazy in 5 easy steps: Husband Edition”

  1. #1 for real!! And I can add its dishes too. Like I’ve gone into the living and looked beside his recliner and there’s 2 or 3 bowls and a glass full of candy and snack wrappers. My other thing is if he does take the dishes in the kitchen.. he leaves them on the counter BESIDE THE SINK. Not inside it but beside. Even if the sink is empty too. 🙄 and then he complains when I leave my Bobby pins on the bathroom sink. I’m like they are collectively in one spot and I’m likely using them again tomorrow.

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    1. Yes!!! Mine does that too!!! Why is this rocket science for them?!

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  2. Aaah the issue with having a man in house. I am with you and in the same situation. But I’m teaching him and I do have to be strict sometimes 😅

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    1. Good for you! Lol. I am attempting to teach mine and I have been successful in teaching him something’s, but others, not so much. lol


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