How to drive Mama crazy in 5 easy steps: Toddler Edition

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Motherhood is trying, tiring and sometimes just drives us crazy. Lately, with my girls, I’ve gotten to this point. Almost to the point of day drinking, but not quite. They are both good girls, but are demons when they are together… Mini little demon tornado’s who listen to nothing I say. They know exactly what to do and say to push my buttons. Here’s how they drive me crazy in 5 steps:


Lanaia playing with her food and then getting her sister to play with her food, which results in a mess and Averie no longer wanting to eat her food. The part that drives me crazy the most is that Averie was eating her food no problem before her big sister started with her food and told her to do the same thing. 


Averie has been doing this thing lately where she’ll scream bloody murder when she doesn’t get what she wants. Literally about everything. I can’t break her of it. I’m to the point where I have to just ignore it when she does it or I’m really going to start day drinking. The worst part is, she knows it drives me crazy and she will do it just to see me get mad. 


There’s a perfect way to drive me nuts. Lanaia will ask for something and I’ll tell her no, then she’ll ask why and I’ll explain why (more than once) and then she’ll please a million times like her life depended on it, thinking the more times she says it, the chances of me giving it to her will be in her favor when iin reality she just gets time out. 


Averie likes to literally throw her toys across the room, at the wall, at the window and just all over. This drives me crazy, but it drives me even more crazy when her five year old sister starts doing it with her. Obviously she has more force because she’s stronger, so imagine when it’s like when she throws toys at the wall. Sigh. 


So this is just the cherry on top. Lanaia literally  cries about everything. Not exaggerating. Anytime she does anything, like trips over her own feet and falls 2 inches from the floor ON A PILLOW and cried like she broke a bone. Just the other day, her dad took her and Averie to McDonald’s for ice cream and to play in the play area. Averie is flying all over the play area and Lanaia cries because she’s scared of going up a few steps. This girl cries over flies landing on or near her. lol 

All of these drive me mad. Sometimes I hide in my closet, I’m not going to lie. 

What are the things your kids do that drive you crazy? I love stories, especially if they’re not mine. 



7 responses to “How to drive Mama crazy in 5 easy steps: Toddler Edition”

  1. R.J tattle-taling for no reason, like non important reasons! Lestat spazes out and Markus screeches like a banshee when he doesnt get his way

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    1. I’ve witnessed all of this. 😂

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  2. Both of my children argue with me about EVERYTHING! I think I have two attorneys-in-training on my hands. I keep telling myself that the arguing will pay off and they will buy mommy a beach house. 🤔

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    1. My 15 year old is like that. 🤦 Hopefully all this arguing pays off in the future.

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  3. Let’s see 🤔 when she says please mummy asking for some food she just wants. Me making it followed by her screaming she does not want it 🤦‍♀️; her saying the same thing seven times in a row and me having to react just as amazed every time 🤦‍♀️; the continuous cry for her dummy when she knows she only gets it sleep times – she only has one left and I swear that’s the end of it.

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    1. My 2 year old will be for food and then throw a fit after I make it and no longer want it. 🤦
      Ohhh you’re trying to break the binky, huh? Good luck to you. I had to just cold turkey take it away from my daughter. Eventually, she forgot about it.

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      1. I think it will soon come the day when I’ll have enough of it and just cope with the screaming until she forgets. Give me strength 🤦‍♀️


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