What I didn’t learn until after I became a Mother.

20180925_075950_0001I’ve always wanted to be a Mom, I knew this was my calling. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but there were things I didn’t know until I became a mother. Here is my list of what I learned after I joined motherhood.


I learned to not take the little things for granted, such as peeing alone, getting to shower everyday, getting to bed at a decent time and sleep. I took all of these for granted before I became a mom, and now I’m lucky if I get any of these. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to shower more than 2 times a week, so I’m happy for that. I never get to use the bathroom in peace though.


I learned how needed I was. Before I was a Mom, I never felt needed or truly wanted. After having my daughter, that’ll all changed. I know I am needed, wanted and relied on. This is the best feeling ever… to feel truly needed and wanted.


I never know that I could love more than I already did. I honestly didn’t think it was possible, but after having my baby, it’s like my heart expanded to make unlimited room for love for her. It’s the kind of love that will destroy you if anything were to happen to them.


I never thought I’d believe in holiday characters again. My daughter is too young to understand right now, but when she’s older, I can’t wait to bring that magic into her life.


I didn’t know my eyes would truly open to who is really a friend or not. I lost a lot of friends when I got pregnant and even more after I gave birth, which is honestly a blessing because they were never truly my friends anyways and becoming a mom helped weed out the ones who were fake.


I didn’t know I’d ever feel the pain of another human beings pain to the highest extent. I never knew that another human could affect me this way. When my baby is sad, hurt, sick, I feel it… deeply. I hurt for her, with her and I cry for her.


I never knew that hearing a little voice call out for me in excitement could completely turn a bad day around. I never knew a sweet, simple smile could fill me with so much joy. I never knew that this same sweet, simple smile could take my sadness away in less than 2 seconds.

Motherhood is full of learning experiences. Some take time getting use to and some fill the hole you’ve had in your soul instantly. Yes, things are drastically different, and harder, but more than worth it. Motherhood is the greatest learning experience I’ve ever been apart of.


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