Are you a true Halloween freak?


As y’all can already tell from my previous posts, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! My family and friends know me so well that they all tag me in Halloween related stuff on facebook, buy me Halloween stuff throughout the year and just know I am super obsessed with Halloween. I can’t even begin to explain my excitement when I see Halloween stuff in stores. Halloween is where my happy is. Hence why I’m called a Halloween freak. Now, let’s see if you’re a Halloween freak too.


You know you’re really into Halloween if you crazy decorate your entire house. I mean go all out. Go overboard.


You start planning for Halloween on November first is a for sure sign that you are obsessed.


You wear Halloween clothes all year around. I LOVE my spider web and witch leggings and have worn them all year.


If you own more than 4 bins full of decorations, you are definitely a freak. ( I own 4 bins full and then some random boxes.)


When you decorate and EVERYTHING literally EVERYTHING has to be Halloween… from the dish towels right down to the hand soap. (And yes, I do have Halloween hand soap and dishtowels for that matter.)


You LOVE LOVE LOVE horror movies, Tim Burton, Hocus Pocus and anything creepy.


A true Halloween freak starts decorating as soon as September first. I want to, but can’t for two reasons. One, my husband thinks it’s too early and two, I’m throwing a mermaid themed baby shower at my house in October and I don’t think blood and guts go with mermaids and glitter very well. Hah! (I think it would be awesome honestly. Lol.)


When you are the only person you know who gets excited over stores putting out Halloween stuff in August. Literally, this is the best ever, because no one usually touches the Halloween stuff until mid September so it’s all nice and neat and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


Do you love Halloween enough to change your phone ringtone to a Halloween song? I alternate between, The Addams Family, The monster Mash, Halloween theme song, and mystical Magic from Hocus Pocus. OH, and Thriller!!


Last, but not least, you know you are a true Halloween freak when you are truly sad that Halloween is only one day a year.


With all of this said, does any of these pertain to you? If more than half does, then you are a crazy Halloween fan. If ALL of them do right down to a T, then you are  true, 100% Halloween freak… just like me.

Happy almost fall, y’all!


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