My truths about motherhood.


Being  a mom is amazing and we love it more than anything and would never trade any of it for anything in the world, but lets be honest. Not modest, lets pretend our mom lives are normal kind of honest, I mean brutally honest about how motherhood really is. Here’s my truths


I’m pretty sure the number one thing you do in motherhood is change diapers. You smell, see and wear so much poop that even they guy from that show Dirty Jobs wouldn’t want your job. I’m 99% sure that I used 100+ diapers a month from when Averie was first born until she was about a year and a half . The amount of diapers you use goes down the older they get but not enough to brag about.

Showers alone are a rare occurrence.

You either don’t shower because you are too freaking exhausted or because your kids won’t leave you alone so you can wash yourself. For some reason, it can be difficult to get your kids to take a shower or bath in general but when they hear you are wanting a shower, they are naked in 2.5 seconds flat. Showers alone really are a rare occurrence, that is if you get one at all. Sometimes, you are just too tired, or you forget (Yes, you do forget to shower when you are a mom), or you just don’t want to take one with your kid who insists on you drinking their bathwater tea.

Dirty laundry will overpower you.

If you hated doing laundry before, you’ll REALLY hate it when you have kids. You wouldn’t think that a tiny human could dirty 6 outfits, 3 blankets, 4 receiving blankets and 3 of YOUR outfits in one day, but they most certainly can. It only gets worse when they get older.  Toddler stage has been the worst for me so far. They make bigger messes more often. I miss the days when my baby wasn’t mobile. Sigh. Usually the laundry in my house isn’t washed until there is absolutely nothing else to wear except for a pair of socks that don’t even match.

The famous Mom Guilt.

Mom guilt is real and constant, especially for first time moms. You will feel guilty for a lot…
-Not providing enough for your child.
-Not putting them in daycare and keeping them sheltered.
-Putting them in daycare away from you and at risk of sicknesses and other things.
-Going to work.
-Not going to work and financially contributing to what they need.
Literally anything will give you mom guilt and some days it’s brutal to deal with. Right now, my mom guilt is my kid not eating more nutritional foods. (She’s picky.)

You look like Sh**, but your kid looks adorable.

Your style pretty much goes down the toilet. You start going for comfort instead of stylish. Yoga pants and a tee shirt are suitable for going out to dinner, right? Yoga pants and leggings were my wardrobe for the first year of my daughter life. (Eventually I had to go back to work.) No matter how hideous you look when you have to go out in public, you cannot allow your kid to not look cute. Babies would look cute wearing a paper bag.  I was grocery shopping once with Averie when she was about 4 months old and I dressed her in these cute jean-like legging things with a flower top and little booties and a head band and I was dressed in yoga pants and my 90’s cartoon tee shirt. I remember someone coming up to me and saying, “Oh, she is just the cutest thing ever. I love her outfit…. You look tired.” And replied with, “Thanks! I am tired but I am comfy!”

Everyday you wonder if you are going to lose your sanity.

Kids can make you feel every emotion in just an hour. They know how to break your emotion button… I remember trying to rock my one month old to sleep at 3am and she just kept crying and I was so tired and then started crying with her. Motherhood is a big bucket of emotions and some days are overwhelming to the point of breakdowns. There are days where all your kids seem to want to do is scream and destroy things. There have been many days where I questioned my own sanity. lol  Don’t let any of this scare you though. The happy moments outweigh the  stressful moments.

Little to no social life.

Your social life pretty much disappears. Your baby takes up ALL your time and then some, hence why moms don’t sleep. I lost the majority of my “friends” when I had my baby… Hell, most of them didn’t even come to my baby shower. I’m not upset about it though because if they didn’t want to be in my life when I have a baby, then they weren’t true friends in the first place. I can’t tell you how many people weren’t actually my friends from the beginning.

Children shows/movies become your life.

They will probably be playing in your house 24/7 and even when your kids aren’t watching, you’ll still be watching it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched all the Doc McStuffins episodes on Netflix. The doc is in and she’ll fix you up… Yes, you will learn the songs and you will sing them often…. That’s not a joke.

Motherhood is hard.

This is the hardest job out there. It’s mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. You’ll have breakdowns, question if you’re a good mom, envy those who have a social life, wish you had real friends that want to be around your kids, and wonder what life would of been like if you didn’t get pregnant (and then have mom guilt for even wondering that). Like I’ve said previously, it’s hard to keep tiny humans alive. Everything about motherhood is hard.

There are A LOT of truths to motherhood that no one really tells you. No one really expresses just how hard motherhood actually is… No one really tells you this stuff, probably because they don’t want to scare you into not having kids, but you should be told because that’s true life. Know this though, yes, being a mom is the hardest ever, but also the most rewarding and fulfilling job ever. It’s the best feeling ever to be a mom and that outweighs all the hard parts of motherhood!



23 responses to “My truths about motherhood.”

  1. Mom guilt is the worst part for me and like you said you can tear your self apart for doing something or not doing. Even though we know this shit makes no sense here we are still doing it!

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    1. Yes!! Life of a mom. It’s tough being a mama, physically and emotionally! Thanks for commenting. ❤

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  2. This is the perfect portrayal of motherhood! thank you for sharing!

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