Do your kids have a healthy relationship with their siblings?


Growing up, I didn’t have much of a relationship with any of my siblings and there are 5 of them. Now, my family is different. I have an older brother from my mom’s side who left for the Army when I was 7, 3 older sisters from my dad’s side who were in and out of my life when I was young and then eventually they all just moved away (One of them came back and has treated me more like a sister than my other 2 sisters ever have), and one younger brother who’s my only full sibling, but we never got along and still don’t have and kind of sibling relationship.

Let me tell you how awful it is to not have that closeness with your siblings that siblings should have. I felt sad and left out all the time. With my sisters, I’ve never felt like one of their sisters. It always felt like they were The Sisters and I was just the “Other” sister. Honestly, it still feels like that sometimes…
My older brother and I have a great sibling relationship and he’s always been there throughout my life, but he’s also lived a crossed the country since I was 7. My younger brother has had “problems” since he was little and because of that, we’ve never had a relationship and probably never will.

All of this has really affected me in my life and sometimes still does, which is why it is beyond important for my daughter to have a relationship with both her siblings.

Averie adores and looks up to her big brother. He plays with her and takes care of her. He makes her smile when she’s upset. You know, what a big brother should do.

Averie admires her sister. You can tell how much she looks up to her by how she is when she’s around her. She wants to do everything she does and copies everything she says. When they are together, they are inseparable.

My situation isn’t ideal in most opinions, but it works for me and my daughter. She has a big family who loves her and siblings who are present in her life and treat her like she deserves, like family and not like “the other sibling”. Being half siblings or even there being a big age gap doesn’t mean anything to them. There’s no favoritism between them. All there is, is love. Something I’ve always wanted with my siblings. I’m so happy that my daughter gets that.

Encourage relationships between your kids, and their half siblings regardless of how difficult it might seem, always try.


4 responses to “Do your kids have a healthy relationship with their siblings?”

  1. There’s not enough research done on grown siblings relationship. Thanks for the post. We all have our problems, I’m pretty much estranged from all my sisters.

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  2. That was a great topic Jessie! I love that our daughters just treat each other as sisters, just close sisters. I love that I have a relationship with ur daughter and still one with our daughters older brother. Family is important.

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    1. Thanks! I was inspired so to speak when I came up with this.


  3. My daughter has a good relationship with her half brother and sister, although there is a bit of jelousy between my daughter and step son, but I believe it’s very important for them to bond and have a great relationship ☺

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