7 Things no one told you about raising toddlers.


Toddlers are probably the most difficult stage to handle. They are just learning to communicate their needs/wants… sometimes in the most ineffective way ever. Tantrums are full force, that more than likely nothing will work to calm them down. It’s almost impossible sometimes to not lose your mind. It would have been so helpful if someone told/warned me about what to expect when your sweet baby turns into a toddler monster. So here I am, warning you for what’s to happen.

1. Stubborn as a mule.

When they want something, most of the time, stuff they can’t have, there is no reasoning with them. No bargaining or anything with them. They want what they want and they want it now.

2. Any place is good to throw a tantrum.

They don’t care where or when they throw a tantrum, they have no shame at all.
Averie decided that her brother’s 8th grade graduation ceremony was the perfect place to have a fit, and let me tell you, it was the worst public tantrum she’s ever had. I mean, there were over 1000 people in there and she was the loudest.

3. They are thieves.

They think everything is theirs. Phones, Keys, glasses… anything and they will take and HIDE anything they want too. Note: Toddlers hid things so well, that you almost never find them or can count on never seeing those things again.
Averie has hidden my phone, keys, socks, shoes and my brush multiple times which took me forever to find. She steals drinks too, that’s her favorite thing to steal.

4. Destructive Tornados.

They are like mini destructive tornados that can wreck anything in a matter of minutes. They can destroy an entire room like it’s nothing. Food is the worst. They think food is finger paint and will create a masterpiece on your dining room table with macaroni and cheese and apple juice and not feel at all bad for doing it. Even when you’ve thought you completely toddler proofed your entire house and hid everything you don’t want destroyed as well as their tools they use to destroy thing, they still manage to wreck everything.

5. attention span of a goldfish.

Trying to get them to focus on something or helping you with something for longer than 3 minutes is impossible 95% of the time. They get distracted so easily. ” Oh, look! SHINY!” Definitely my toddler.

6. Picky eaters and food wasters.

They become beyond picky and will almost never eat what you cook. Most likely, they will throw it all on the floor or feed it to the dogs. They will ask for something and after you’ve made it for them, it instantly becomes disgusting and they won’t even smell it.

7. They NEED naps.

As much as they say they don’t want a nap or scream and fight about it, they for sure needs naps. Otherwise they become possessed mini dictators. They are so far from happy if they skip their nap. You’re going to have a battle either way. You are going to fight them to take a nap and if they don’t nap, you’re dealing with a dictator. This is such a draining situation. lol

Toddlers should totally come with and instruction book, or at least a pamphlet. NOPE! You have to figure out everything on your own, with the risk of public embarrassment, damaged furniture and lots of head aches. But this is how we learn to deal with different as well as difficult situations which I think makes us better people and even better moms.

Anyone else feel that a manual should come with your toddles? What are your situations that you wish you had an instruction book for? Le me know in the comments down below.


3 responses to “7 Things no one told you about raising toddlers.”

  1. I love this list. Toddlers are so unique. I’m currently raising a three year old and I swear, all the insanity is worth it when she looks at me with big wide eyes and says “I love you mama.” Oh man….I just melt. ❤ Being a mom is weird. We love our kids to death and they also drive us up the wall.
    Please check out my recent post on the life lessons I've learned from my 3 year old. I would love some feedback. 🙂


  2. 😂😂 yupp I can totally relate. My son had a tantrum in the middle of the street yesterday. Toddlers are cute little monsters.


  3. How to try new foods without it sounded like an exorcism in the house. Where’s my child that ate everything? And then there’s the battle of do I risk forcing a new food + meltdown or do I just give her the chicken nuggets & hope she grows out of it? It’s been the latter usually.

    And why is she so clingy to me? I love being the favorite parent but still like let me go 5 minutes without you breathing down my neck.


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