SUNDAY SARCASM: De-cluttering the easy way.


Tired of cleaning up after everyone in your house including grown men-children? Tired of finding dirty underwear in places they don’t belong? Tired of finding dirty, horrible smelling socks in the kitchen? Are you just tired of the overall nastiness that your family likes to live in? I have some solutions that’ll help make cleaning & de-cluttering easier.

Clothing on the floor.

  • Like I said in a previous post, just shove all those dirty clothes back in their dressers; either spray them with fabreze or stick one of those tree car air fresheners in there with them. BAM!
  • Throw them in the garbage. No clothes at all means no clothes on the floor. But just incase they find them in the garbage…
  • Burn them. Just burn em’ all. They can keep warm by the fire of their burning clothes. Problem solved.

Sink full of dishes.

  • Put all the dirty dishes away as if they were clean; one of two things will happen. One: They will end up washing the dishes themselves, or two: They’ll use the dirty dishes. Either way, you don’t have to clean a damn thing.
  • Get rid of the dishes. Accidently break them all.
  • If you have expensive dishware, and don’t want to toss them, hide all the food. No food, no dirty dishes.

Clutter everywhere.

  • Sell your families stuff. Just sell it all.
  • Put all the clutter in your toddlers room. It all ends up in there anyways, right?
  • Add all this clutter to the fire of clothes.

Always obtaining clutter.

  • Did you get a gift from someone that just contributes to your clutter? Just give it to someone else as a gift. No longer your clutter.
  • To keep from obtaining more un-wanted clutter, for birthdays and holidays , just take one of your old items and re-gift it. You can do this with your young kids too, they won’t even notice.

Dirty bathroom.

  • Clean small corners and toilet with your families toothbrushes. Look, killing 2 birds with one stone. Your toilet is detail-cleaned and when they use their toothbrushes, their mouths will be cleaner than ever because of the leftover from the toilet.
  • Hide all the towels but one and leave in the bathroom. They’ll either all keep using that one towel or wash it. Either way, not your problem because you get to use all the other towels.


If all else fails, I have one over-all solution that will save your sanity from the dirty, clutter in which you live in… Move to another house… alone.

I’m not going to lie, I honestly thought about doing some of these. I live with 3 guys and one of them being a teenager who doesn’t mind the stench of his own nasty smelling feet. On a good note, my 2 and 4 year old love to clean with me. My 2 year old hates to be dirty. She loves to get dirty but hates to stay that way for long.  I knew these 2 were going to be my favorites.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


P.S. This is my 100th blog post. Thank you to everyone who has followed me from the beginning and who actually reads my stuff. You guys are awesome!

7 responses to “SUNDAY SARCASM: De-cluttering the easy way.”

  1. I am rolling! hahaha! This is fabulous and totally relatable. I may post this for my eight-year-old to read to the four-year-old. Thanks for the post and congrats on the 100th!


    1. I’m so happy that I’m not alone in thinking this way. Lol thank you very much!!


  2. I’m going to do all these things right now. I wish more of our plates were breakable so I wouldn’t have to wash them. Burn all the clothes! LOL!


  3. You, ma’am, are my hero! I have come close to doing some of those exact things.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks. So have I girl, so have I. Lol


  4. Great tips. Totally my kind of cleaning lol 🙂


  5. Haha I love this awesome tips!


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