Do your kids a favor and discipline them.


Discipline isn’t just about giving kids consequences. Instead, it ensures children are gaining the skills they need to become responsible adults.

There are many types of discipline and various approaches to parenting. But ultimately, regardless of the type of discipline a parent uses, discipline offers kids many benefits.

Helps kids manage anxiety.

Kids actually don’t want to be in charge, too much stress.

They often test limits just to make sure that their caregivers can keep them safe and to see if they care about what’s best for the. When adults offer positive and negative consequences, kids grow and learn.

Kids who have easy-going parents often experience anxiety because they have to make decisions that their parents should be making. The lack of guidance and absence of leadership is very worrisome for kids.

Making good choices.

Appropriate discipline teaches kids how to make good choices. For example, when a child loses his bicycle privileges for riding into the road, he learns how to make safer choices next time.

Healthy discipline teaches kids alternative ways to get their needs met. Kids need to learn problem-solving skills, impulse control, and self-regulation skills from appropriate discipline.

It is important to distinguish the difference between consequences and punishments. When kids are disciplined with appropriate consequences they learn from their mistakes.

Punishments, however, tend to teach kids that their parents are mean or they learn how to “not get caught” when they misbehave.

Teaches Kids to Manage Emotions.

When a child receives a time-out after hitting his their sibling, they learn skills that will help them manage their anger better in the future.

The goal of time-out should be to teach your child to place themselves in time-out when they are getting upset before they get into trouble.

Other discipline strategies, such as praise, can also teach kids how to deal with feelings. When you say, “You are working so hard to build that tower even though it is really hard to do. Keep up the good work,” your child learns about the importance of tolerating frustration.

Ignoring mild misbehavior can teach kids socially appropriate ways to manage their frustration as well. If you refuse to give in to a temper tantrum, your child will learn that’s not a good way to get his needs met. When you ignore whining, your child will learn that whining won’t change your behavior.

Discipline Keeps Kids Safe.

The ultimate goal of discipline should be to keep kids safe. This includes major safety issues, such as looking both ways before crossing the road. There should be consequences when your child doesn’t take appropriate safety precautions.

Discipline should also address other health risks, such as preventing obesity. If you let your child eat whatever they want, they will likely experience serious health risks. It’s important to set healthy limits and offer education to help your child learn to make healthy choices.

Explain the elemental reasons for rules so your child will understand the safety issues. Instead of saying, “Stop jumping,” when your child is jumping on the bed, tell him why it’s a problem. Say, “You could fall and hit your head. That’s not safe.”

Teaches Responsibility

Discipline will teach your children to work for the extra things they want. Handing them everything they ask for teaches them absolutely nothing but to entitled. They will have no idea how the actual world works and that you have to work for what you want, if you get them everything they whine for. Responsibility gives them a sense of accomplishment and gives them something to be proud of.

When your child learns about the reasons for your rules, and he understands the specific safety risks, he will be more likely to consider the safety risks when you’re not there to tell him what to do.

See, you are actually doing your children a favor by not giving them everything they want.
I know it can be hard to discipline your kids, but it needs to be done. You are molding them to be an adult.


5 responses to “Do your kids a favor and discipline them.”

  1. It’s important to be consistent about discipline. If you don’t stick to the rules and consequences, kids aren’t likely to either

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  2. Awesome post. Kids needs guidance and discipline to grow into high functioning adults! Rose @ Our House of Love

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  3. Great tips. I think too many people want their child to ‘like’ them, especially as they grow older. Our job is to love our kids and disciplining, though not fun to do, can only help them in the long run.

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  4. Before I discipline my child, I remind myself to “discipline with purpose, not for punishment.” This is a great post. Thanks.

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    1. Exactly. I think disciplining out of anger doesn’t really teach our help them.

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