Monday Rants: Keep your opinion to yourself.

I don’t get offended easily. I usually just brush things off, but there is something that has bothered me to my core lately. Which irritates me because of the sheer fact that things don’t easily offend me.

Here’s what bothers me… Unwanted Opinions. I know that people do this, they give their un-wanted opinion’s and this is in fact kind of normal, but what I’ve seen lately is that these people are beginning to really not care where, when or how they insert their un-wanted opinion’s. They don’t have boundaries They don’t care if they cross a line or hurt someone.

I think honesty is the best policy, as everyone should, but there is a difference between being honest and just being ignorant. There is no valid or beneficial reason to be ignorant to someone.  Here’s what I mean…

  • Telling someone that what they believe in (such as religion) is ridiculous just because you don’t believe it.
  • Telling someone that their choice of what to do with a loved one after they pass is creepy or weird just because it’s not your preference.
  • Telling someone that you would never dress your kid in something like that because in your opinion, it’s ugly.
  • Telling someone that you don’t buy this brand or that brand because it’s the cheap gross brand.
  • Telling someone that the new watch that was gifted to them is hideous just because you don’t like it.

These are just a few of the many examples I have, but none the less, they are all just so rude and heartless to say to another human being with feelings. I just don’t understand how a human being with brains and a natural sense of compassion could be so ignorant to others. How the heck does this benefit someone? Do they feel empowered? Do they feel like they are better than others and that’s why they do it?
I don’t treat people like this. I don’t have a natural sense of ignorance to just not watch what I say to others.


Rant over.


9 responses to “Monday Rants: Keep your opinion to yourself.”

  1. I agree but also think some people think they’re trying to have a conversation but they piece their words together all the wrong way!


  2. Coffeecupcakesglitter Avatar

    I am in the same boat. I hate unwanted opinions and I’m glad I’m not alone in this.


  3. I agree, I don’t understand why people offer unwanted opinions. Gets under my skin when someone offers me opinions on how I should be doing something with my kids.


  4. I think it’s because judging others makes us feel superior.
    But I don’t like when people try to shove their religion down my throat either… good rant!


  5. I totally feel you. I was a young mother and everyone and their aunt would give me their opinions ALL the time made me feel like i wasn’t enough. Xo


  6. Let it out girl! And agreed… any negative comments on how my kids are dressed or the way they look or not welcome! Preach on momma!


  7. I’m all for hearing peoples opinions, and sometimes they are good to hear! But as you said, unsolicited ones need to be kept to ones self!


  8. I feel like from the moment you get pregnant it gives everyone this sudden desire to tell you their opinion on things! Obviously advice is different than shaming, (I’m always up for advice, I’m a first time mom and definetly don’t have all the answers!) but it’s the unwanted opinions, like you said, that make me crazy! Haha I’m with yah girl.


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