So my name is Katherine. My best friend here asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog. Well let’s talk about anything. We could talk about kids (which I have one), we could talk about ex’s (we all have those), we could talk about food, maybe even dating. You know what let’s talk about dating.

Dating is a joke these days! Who know being a single mother and dating would be so hard! Like really how childish can a guy be when it comes to a woman who holds her own ground would be so intimidating! Guy’s just want sex. Nothing more. I hate dating! They say one thing but they mean the complete opposite. And if they get mad they just turn around and call you a scum and so forth. Like really? What is wrong with guys?!?! Ok rant over.

Sorry Jessie if this post sucks! Love you!

One response to “Anything”

  1. Omg. Only my best friend. I'm sorry your dating life sucks. Lol


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