What I’ve learned being a mom.

I realized that I am a lot different now, being a mom than I was before. I have learned a lot so far. Becoming a mom has made me a better person!

I have learned what patience really is. I thought I was a pretty patient person before but after having Averie, my patience have really been tested. Breastfeeding was the number one factor for me. So now I know just how patient I am. 

I have excelled in the art of multitasking. I have learned to hold a baby, do the dishes and eat, all at the same time. One arm is stronger than the other.

Who needs sleep anyways? Pshh.
This is probably not the healthiest but I have  learned to function off of 3 hours of sleep. Sometimes sleep just isn’t an option. When baby is awake and wants to play, you play!

I have ninja like reflexes.
This is an awesome thing to learn. Averie just started sitting up by herself so shes still kind of wobbley. She’ll start to tip over and out of no where I’ll catcher her with one hand. Pretty cool huh?

I can kick it into turbo speed.
When you have a screaming hungry baby you learn to make a six ounce bottle in less than 45 seconds.  I also learned how to fall asleep real fast when she takes her naps. I don’t waste any time when I get a chance at more sleep. 

A few minutes of alone time.
I’ve learned to really appreciate the few minutes I get to myself, in the bathroom before my kid notices I’m not right beside her and starts to freak out.

Is this really worth it?
I’ve learned to pick and choose battles between other people and I, especially my hubby.  My daughter doesn’t need to be around any kind of tension. She really can sense it!

Best wife award goes to me.  Haha
Believe it or not, becoming a mom has made me a better wife to my husband.  Since having Averie, the time that him and I spend together is very limited.  He works all day,  I take care of Averie all day and at the end of the day,  we’re both just exhausted but if you don’t find a way to make time for your spouce, you could lose that spark between you two.  I find time every night for my husband even if it’s something simple like cooking him dinner or having a 30 minute conversation with him. 

The most important thing…
Having Averie has taught me a special kind of love.  An unconditional love. A love that will never change. It’s amazing how much you could love another human being as much as you love your child. 

Becoming a mom has definitely changed me. Best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Coming soon to my blog near you:
-Mom of the month
-Guest bloggers
Stay tuned

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