Late Night Giggles.


I guess midnight means play time in Averie’s world.

Averie got use to a schedule where she goes to bed around 9 pm, well lately that hasn’t been the case. I Will feed her a bottle at 9 and then rock her to sleep. She falls asleep and I stick her in her crib. 10 minutes pass and I can hear her making noises on the baby monitor so I figure she’s just looking for her binky. I go into her room to give her a binky and she is wide awake, staring at me with a huge grin from ear to ear. I try and give the binky to her anyways in hopes she will just go to sleep… HAHAHAHAHA. She just spits it out and laughs at me.

Sooo in the living room we go. Mickey Mouse club House it is.

She continues to laugh and squeal in excitement. Oh boy, I’m never going to sleep.
I think mickey mouse just excites her more. I guess I did that to myself.

10 Minutes pass as I’m rocking her in her chair and she hasn’t made a sound or moved… YES! She’s asleep!…. *LOUD SQUEALS*…. Never mind… She thinks it funny to tease me I guess. Definitely my daughter! LOL

10 more minutes pass and she is actually calmed down and just watching mickey… She might actually go to sleep.

After 40 minutes of Mickey Mouse, Me rocking her and continuously sticking her binky in her mouth and her grunting, she finally fell asleep.

I Love and Need my sleep but I love how happy  and giggly my baby gets more, even if I am exhausted.

I enjoy it now because I know it won’t be this way forever. She’s already growing up too fast for my preference.

Enjoy all the late night giggles no matter what!


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