25 Useless facts about me.

Just to keep you readers up-to-date about myself, I will share with you, 25 useless facts about me. Enjoy and feel free to laugh at my expense. HA

1. I don’t like my real name which is why everyone calls me jessie.
2. I still watch Disney movies. I’m just able to use my daughter as an excuse as to why I watch so many,
3. I wear more pajama/yoga pants than I do actual pants.
4. I secretly want to be a singer.
5. I talk to my husband’s ex girlfriend (who is also the mother of his first daughter) more  than I do anyone else lately. Shes become a good friend actually.
6. Purple is my favorite color.
7. I cannot eat waffles unless I put peanut butter on them.
8. Ever since I watched the movie Insidious, baby monitors freak me out.
9. There is always some kind of food in my purse.
10. I am a pretty good debater but I WILL NOT debate about politics or religion!
11. It absolutely drives me nuts when people shorten their words. Ex: “You” to “Yu”. Really? what is the point of something like this?! If you are going to shorten that word, at least use “U”.
12. I am 100% family oriented. I’d choose to be at home with my husband and daughter, watching tv rather then going out to eat with friends. I probably need to have more of a social life outside of my family though…
13. Sometimes after my daughter falls asleep to Mickey Mouse Club House, I continue to watch it…
14. After having Averie, I’ve had a bad habit of biting my nails.
15. I’m a major picture hoarder. I keep pictures or screen shots of stupid things, “just in case” I might need it sometime.
16. My eyesight sucks. I can’t see far away.
17. Clutter makes me nervous.
18. I am stubborn. Sometimes, there is absolutely no reasoning with me.
19. Nothing bothers me like someone telling me how to raise my baby. Don’t do it.
20. I do pretty much everything on my phone.
21. I have yet to change my last name to my husband’s. Not because I don’t want to, I’m just too lazy to and it cost money and I guess I’d rather spend that money on other things, like food.
22. My closet is color coordinated.
23. I believe in ghosts/spirits and aliens.
24. I have a phobia of space.

Last but not least.
25. I blog because I have all these ideas and stories in my head and I don’t get them out, my mind will never let me sleep.
well there you have it, 25 useless facts about me. Hope you had a laugh or two.

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