Some of Mom’s & baby’s favorites.

We all know that when we become moms that we acquire a ton of stuff thinking that your baby might be happy with it or that it might work for well with your baby, spending a ton of money when most of the time, your baby is happy with the simple stupidest things.

Here are some of my all time favorite “baby” things that I think are worth the cost. (some don’t cost anything.)

1. This play mat is definitely one of hers and my favorites.
It keeps her well entertained for a while.
2. This Winnie the pooh teething toy/blanket. Unfortunately,
my 4 month old is already teething but this toy seems to really help her.
3. Ceiling fans..Yup. She loves them.
These will stop her from crying.
4. Baby carriers are a life saver. She always wants
me to hold her or be near her and this allows
me to get things done around the house while
still holding her and it makes her fall asleep
every time I put her in it.
5. Our dog Oreo is by far the best “baby” item ever.
She will watch him for the longest time.
He loves her just as much as she loves him.


6. She LOVES her rocking chair. She likes to sit up
and watch everyone and everything.

7. Dr. Browns bottles are a miracle worker!
She use to get tummy aches from the other bottles
I use to use but after i switched to these,
she rarely gets tummy aches anymore!
I highly recommend these bottles!!
I have a ton of other favorites but these are my absolute favorites and have helped me out a lot!

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