Messy Kitchen, Happy Baby.

Just about every morning baby girl wakes me up around 9am. After changing and feeding her we go into the living room and I put a movie on for her (Most of the time it’s Snow White) and put her in her play chair which she also loves.
She is perfectly content in her chair watching snow white while I’m standing in the the kitchen (the room that really needs to be cleaned) also watching snow white because “its one of my favorite parts.”

Okay, for real jessie. I turn on the hot water in the sink and let it run because it takes a few for it to get hot.
I go and take out the trash while I’m waiting for the water to get hot. When I get back to the sink, I start rinsing off dishes. I get maybe like 3 plates rinsed off and have to stop because Averie got hiccups and she is freaking out.

20 minutes later…

Alright, She’s calmed down and back in her play chair so back to the kitchen I go.
I turn back on the water to continue doing dishes while singing along with a song from Snow White.

10 more minutes later…

I’ve Finished all the dishes except for the pans. I decided I deserve a break before finishing the pans. While I eat breakfast, I’m sitting in the living room, watching Snow White with my daughter. LOL! I am seriously so tired of this movie but it’s one of those things where you just can’t look away from for too long.
I get like half way though my breakfast and she is telling me that she’s hungry. So I feed her while I continue eating.

15 minutes later… 

I have finished eating and she’s also about done.

-I nurse her so I am always tired when I am done.-

When she is done nursing, she usually falls asleep, not for very long but in hopes that she at least sleeps for 30 minutes, I try and sleep with her. Before I lay down and try to nap with her, I put a different movie on because if I keep Snow White on, I’ll definitely not sleep because I’ll be reciting every word and sound of this dang movie.

15 minutes later… 

I knew that nap wasn’t going to last… She’s WIDE awake and staring at me with a huge grin. I pick her up and play with for a while since she is so happy. Can’t miss out on all those smiles! We play for about 30 minutes and then she starts to get fussy. I go change her diaper and she smiles the entire time I’m doing it.
This little lady does not like a dirty diaper at all.
We go back to the living room and I sit down to rock her and she cries. Apparently she doesn’t want to be rocked so I put her in my lap facing me so I can talk to her and she cries. Okay I guess she doesn’t want me to talk to her. Maybe she has a stuck burp. I put her over my shoulder to burp her and she cries even louder. In a matter of 5 minutes I managed to royally piss of my 3 month old.
I put her on her play mat because I ran out of things that might make her feel better and BAM, that was it. She didn’t want her momma at all.
I took advantage off that and went back to the kitchen which I started cleaning over an hour ago.. I begin washing the pans but the majority of them need to be soaked. While the pans soak I clean off the counters and realize that I missed a few cups. Thinking about it, there are probably more cups in other parts of my house.

10 minutes later…

I am picking up laundry in my room when I originally went in there to look for dishes.. Okay clothes are in the laundry basket, going back to the kitchen with the 3 cups I found but before i go back to the kitchen, I drop off a few clothes of Averie’s that I found in our room, into her laundry basket.

Another 10 minutes later…

I am picking up laundry in her room and folding the clean laundry that has been sitting in her crib for about a week… Yeah, I use her crib for laundry, not her.
Okay I really go back to the kitchen this time… but I forgot the cups in her room..

After about 20 minutes of looking for cups, I am finally back in the kitchen…with the cups.
Averie starts to get fussy again. The cups end up in the sink and I am feeding Averie while watching Hotel Transylvania. When she is done nursing I sit her in my lap and continue watching the movie until she doesn’t want me to hold her anymore.

10 minutes later…

She doesn’t want momma anymore so back on her play mat she goes. Instead of going back to the kitchen to wash the pans and 3 cups, I continue to sit in the chair and watch the rest of this movie because it sounds like a lot more fun than doing dishes.

35 minutes later…

Movie is over so I put another one in for her and go back to the kitchen again… to make me some lunch! I feel like I’ve created more dirty dishes than I’ve cleaned…
(It doesn’t help that we had people over on Saturday night and then had a BBQ on Sunday night. Monday was to recuperate from Saturday and Sunday so here I am now cleaning up 3 days worth of dishes on Tuesday… Attempting too anyways.)

After I finish eating, 15ish minutes later, I rinse of the rest of the dishes and put them into the dishwasher, except for the pans. At this point I am tired of doing dishes so the pans stay right where they are.

Between taking care of My baby’s needs, eating and getting distracted by multiple things, cleaning anything sometimes seems absolutely impossible! I have days where i can get things done but most days I get nothing at all done.

I give props to everyone I know that has 2 kids under the age of two. I have a hard enough time doing anything with a 3 month old! I am sure I will learn though. Right now, spending as much time with my daughter is wayyyy more important than having clean dishes.

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