Good Friends are hard to find

As we all get older, we know how hard it can be to keep in contact with friends. Most of the time we end up losing friendships because we have hectic lives. I think this comes with be an adult!!
I have come to realize that true friends will stay in your life through all your craziness!
I have also realized that Good friends are honestly so hard to find in this city! I am writing this to let you all know that good people are out there, they just pop up when you’ve pretty much given up on a social life!

My Husband and I are so lucky to have found such 2 amazing people we can call friends family. 

Tima was the one who did my hair and nails the day of my wedding.

Todd & Tina were there pretty much from the beginning. They were there when Erich Proposed (and kept it a secret from me which is pretty talented cause I find out everything), Tina actually helped him pick out the ring! They were there through all the crazy and confusing wedding planning and date changes (we’ve changed the date like 3 times and the plans multiple times, and they still stayed friends with us! HAHA). They were some of the first people we told that we were going to have a baby and were more excited than most people we told. Even more excited when we told them that they are going to be the Godparents.

They have been more than kind to us. They have actually made a point to be in our lives and be actual friends. The kind of friends that have BBQ’s on a regularly basis and will call you during the week just to see how you are doing and ones we can spend holidays with and feel like part of the family. There are definitely not many people like these 2 in this world! (Everyone, get your own, these 2 are ours!!!)

Todd & Tina,
Erich and I want to say thank you. Thank you for being true friends and becoming family. Thank you for loving us for who we are. Thank you for making an effort to be in our lives. Thank you for being our Daughters Godparents and already loving her as much as we do. Thank you for hosting and being apart of our wedding and a huge thank you for not running away through all the crazy wedding planning and changes. We want need you guys to know how much you truly mean to us.
We love you guys.

FYI: You 2 are stuck with us now!

Fun Fact: When Erich and I finally picked a day to be married, come to find out, it was Todd and Tina’s 3 Year anniversary on the day we picked and they were so excited about it!! This means double date anniversaries!!! We couldn’t have asked for any better than you guys to share anniversaries with! (This is pretty awesome actually, Todd can remind Erich about our anniversaries!)

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