Thank you for choosing to read Wine after Nine! Why the name you ask? Because I think most mom’s need a glass of wine after their kids go to bed.

What You’ll Find

In this blog, you’ll find a lot of sarcasm, mom moments, parenting wins and fails, hacks, how-to’s and blog posts about Mental Health. Sometime’s a rant post is thrown in here, if they are hilarious or down right ridiculous. You’ll also find pure honesty and a lot of love. Some guest post are in here as well.

Why I blog

I first started blogging because I needed a better outlet for my anxiety and depression-a distraction pretty much from my every day life. I blog now because I love it and because I want to be an advocate for Mental Health. In 2018, I diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.) and depression.

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My 4 year old daughter is an empath and it scares me

As my daughter got older, I started to recognize a lot of her empathic traits. She notices things about people that other kids her age don’t. She’s very observant of others body languages and how they talk. She knows instantly just by looking at someone that they’ve had a bad day or that they are … Continue reading My 4 year old daughter is an empath and it scares me

Anxiety makes itself present even when you’re happy…

For those of you who have anxiety, you’ll understand this post completely, but those of you who don’t, I’m going to explain what I mean. It started with the wrong person As y’all know from previous posts, I was in a long, mentally and verbally abusive relationship for 6 years. I was belittled in every … Continue reading Anxiety makes itself present even when you’re happy…

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